Friday, August 27, 2010

Wine Ride Gone Wild

For any whom did not ride last night, it is your loss. More than 15 VeloRosa folk showed up for a beautiful evening of riding, friendship and humor.

The ride started for most at the Jasper Winery, which is a fine sponsor of the VeloRosa Team. Others whom were there to hear the music looked a bit oddly as 10 pink clad bikers mounted and took off down the street. George Flagg was clean and dry and in no time the trail head appeared.

Ah, the smell of the fresh air, plants and good Iowa dirt greeted the riders. It had been a while since seasoned members had seen each other so the chatter flowed freely. One rider in particular looked like a kid in the candy store as Lee rode for the first time over 4 weeks. Several new bikers joined the team for the ride.

Time and miles flew by quickly and suddenly Cumming Tap appeared. It had been rumored that Kim and Karolyn would be there with cold beverage awaiting the group but that was not true. The team was not defeated and flooded the bar for soda, beer, sweet tea and the drink of the night: Moscow Mule (or was it Leningrad Mule?)

After much concern for our lost compadres, Kim and Karolyn appeared. They bragged by showing us the awesome route they mapped out for their gravel training ride. The group being fully impressed, they then admitted to and showed only the part which they had ridden. It could have been the beer tree they ran into or the Margarita patch, no one was sure. It was great that they cut the training short in order join us.

Soon the one-legged Lee was itching to get back on that fine tandem. Kim West was kind enough to let Lee be the stoker for the evening and get her riding fix. Off to Jasper Winery it was. If those non-riders looked oddly at the team at take off, the larger crowd was quite puzzled to see Lee get off from the tandem and walk, with her boot on, to join the festivities.

At Jasper, burgers and beverages were in order. Thanks to Kim for the yummy hummus and Cowboy Caviar. The mosquitoes carried several teammates off early but the rest held out until the music ended.

So if you are saddened that you missed this event, mark you calenders for Thursday, September 9 for the next one.

Your still hobbled roving reporter,


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KHopkins said...

Great recap, Lee. It was a fun night! Awesome to ride up and see the Cumming Tap patio decked out in PINK!!!