Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Creek Road Race Results

Results as we've been given by the USAC Officials:

Cat 5 Men
1. Inigo Ibarra
2. Adam Ventling
3. Erik Guffy
4. Josh Christenson
30 participants

Cat 4 Men
1. Jason Beerands
2. Kevin Severs
3. Reed Rinderknecht
4. Gerald Johnson
5. Bobby Bridgeman
40 participants

Masters 40+
1. Paul Deninger
2. Chad "The Man" Vandelune
3. Scott Wall
4. Jimmy "Cube" Robidoux
5. Tim Putnam
6. Dave Mable
7. Shawn Loomis
8. Kurt Albrecht
9. Greg Shimonek
10. Nat Wolins
11. Dave Cornelison

Masters 50+
1. Chris Eastburn
2. Doug Reichardt
3. Dan Shaffer
4. Dave Delperdang
5. Mark Weitzel
6. John Brown
7. Jerry Pascale
8. Tom Morgan
9. Steve Flood
DNF Michael Harper
DNF Robert Stumbo

Women's Open
1. Lacey Douglas
2. Katie Fistler
3. Dee Mable
4. Kara Hamann
5. Rebecca Miller
6. Sandy Kestler
7. Darian Nagle-Gamm

Women's Cat 4
1. Kristin Rinderknecht
2. Leah Kleager
3. Karolyn Zeller
4. Sandy Dunivan
5. Kate Clark
6. Nancy Leysens

(we are still waiting for the results from a video analysis of the Cat 1,2 3 race)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wine Ride Gone Wild

For any whom did not ride last night, it is your loss. More than 15 VeloRosa folk showed up for a beautiful evening of riding, friendship and humor.

The ride started for most at the Jasper Winery, which is a fine sponsor of the VeloRosa Team. Others whom were there to hear the music looked a bit oddly as 10 pink clad bikers mounted and took off down the street. George Flagg was clean and dry and in no time the trail head appeared.

Ah, the smell of the fresh air, plants and good Iowa dirt greeted the riders. It had been a while since seasoned members had seen each other so the chatter flowed freely. One rider in particular looked like a kid in the candy store as Lee rode for the first time over 4 weeks. Several new bikers joined the team for the ride.

Time and miles flew by quickly and suddenly Cumming Tap appeared. It had been rumored that Kim and Karolyn would be there with cold beverage awaiting the group but that was not true. The team was not defeated and flooded the bar for soda, beer, sweet tea and the drink of the night: Moscow Mule (or was it Leningrad Mule?)

After much concern for our lost compadres, Kim and Karolyn appeared. They bragged by showing us the awesome route they mapped out for their gravel training ride. The group being fully impressed, they then admitted to and showed only the part which they had ridden. It could have been the beer tree they ran into or the Margarita patch, no one was sure. It was great that they cut the training short in order join us.

Soon the one-legged Lee was itching to get back on that fine tandem. Kim West was kind enough to let Lee be the stoker for the evening and get her riding fix. Off to Jasper Winery it was. If those non-riders looked oddly at the team at take off, the larger crowd was quite puzzled to see Lee get off from the tandem and walk, with her boot on, to join the festivities.

At Jasper, burgers and beverages were in order. Thanks to Kim for the yummy hummus and Cowboy Caviar. The mosquitoes carried several teammates off early but the rest held out until the music ended.

So if you are saddened that you missed this event, mark you calenders for Thursday, September 9 for the next one.

Your still hobbled roving reporter,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kate, Karolyn and Dee Conquer BCRR

Congrats to Kate and Karolyn for dusting off the racing bikes and taking on the road race at Big Creek.

Karolyn blew away all but one other rider to take second in the Cat 4. Kate held on strong and placed 5th. What a strong showing from some of our most talented riders who like to keep their skills a secret!

Dee jumped into the Open race and took 3rd racing against the upper gals who will be her steady race mates next season. It seems she was just testing the waters one more time before make the big step up.

Congrats to all of the ladies on a job well done!

Your racing reporter,


VeloRosa Mans the Corner at East Village

After putting on a fine road race on Saturday, the pink team gathered to help support the crit race. It was long day, but well worth the effort to be part of this fine racing event.

Beth and her wonderful guy Scott, along with Melinda Reese and Kim Hopkins were there to help out with the race. It is rumored that Kim was seen streaking along Locust on her bike, defying her pledge to no longer race, on her way to the designated corner.

Without these outstanding volunteers, races as this could not be held. Job well done!

Your hoping-roving reporter,


Pink Conquers Pigman 1/2 Iron Man; Takes Medal

You may be asking, why would bikers want to challenge themselves to racing in the August heat through 1.92k swim, 90.13k bike and then run 21.08k? Because VeloRosa, despite the name, is more than a bike chick group. The Pink Ladies take on all challenges.

Newer to the team, Jen Veak, greeted veteran, Kristen Reece, in the transition area after a few weeks of friendly email banter. She showed exceptional intelligence in looking for the pink jersey and made quick ID of Kristen. They waited out a fog delay prior to the start.

Jen's recent work in the open water paid off in this, her second, 1/2 Iron Man. Quickly putting that behind her, she hopped on her bike to whip through the miles that faced her. The headwind took quite a bit out of her but she completed and transitioned to the run.

By this time, it was starting to get to be typical August, nasty hot. She may have pondered not doing the run, but she again ran across Kristen and the ladies encouraged each other to keep at it.

Kristen competing in her second Pigman rocked the strong gals division whipping the competition. Her time in the pool and refined biking strengths, allowed her to shave of over 13 minutes from last year's race despite the incredible heat of the run. This PR time brought home the gold.
As of this time, no photos were available to help to document this fine feat. Congrats to both Jen and Kristen on the great effort and fine performances.

Your only-dreaming-of-a-1/2 Iron Man, roving reporter,


Should We Be Working on the Next MOMENTUM Issue?

Sunday, Dave and Dee, ponder if they were supposed to be doing something other than racing all day. Dave's thought: What was the due date to get it to print? Dee's thought: Did I sell enough advertising to pay for this rockin' banner? Together: Oh well, let's race!

Your funny roving reporter,


East Village Crit--Dee Takes Second

Dee and Karolyn braved the hilly course for the East Village Crit held Sunday in Des Moines. Dee, pictured above, came away with second place overall. She was quite excited about finishing strong. Some unknown out-of-towner beat her to the line. Karolyn hung on strong and finished further back.

After her strong performance, Dee requested an upgrade to Cat 3. She then tackled the course for a second time and raced in the Cat 1/2/3 race. Dee literally left it all out on the course for a 6th place finish. As usual, fellow VeloRosa gals were there to help Dee out and get her back up on her feet.

Congrats to both ladies for racing hard and representing the Pink Team.

It was rumored that some booted bike chick was trying to chase Dee up the final hill with words of encouragement. It could have been the beverages from the Urban Assault. Further details were not available!

Your hobbled but still roving reporter,


Monday, August 23, 2010

VeloRosa's Big Creek Road Race

Saturday brought hot and sticky weather along with outstanding racing at VeloRosa's BCRR. The pink ladies showed up to help the event go off without a hitch! Many thanks to the following ladies (and one really cool guy):

Anne Lynam, Amy Lynch and Joann Schmidt helped to ensure a smooth and quick registration. Not one race was delayed due to a slow registration table.

Amy Lynch, Kim Hopkins, Julie Goodman, Lori Vandrzyl, Michelle Lange, Melinda Peppers, Laura Majure, DeAnn Wiltse and DaLena Elliott (wo)maned the corners to keep the cars away as the bikes rode past. It may seem like a simple job, but after being there for hours, it can get fatiguing.

Joe and Erika passed the driving test and were the pace vehicle drivers.

They say it take a village to raise a child, I say it takes a whole pink team to run a very successful race.

Your very absent roving reporter,


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wine Ride August 26

The next wine ride is Thursday, August 26. This involves an evening of meeting at Jasper Winery near Gray's Lake, riding to Cumming and back. Then there is food, wine and music. Of course, a stop at Cumming Tap is usually needed for rest and refueling.

Come out and join us!

Hot and Sticky Steak Ride

About 15 pink riders braved the heat and extreme heat index to take a ride to Adel and then Redfield. After the ride, great food, drink and conversation took place.

If you do not know what the steak ride is, I encourage you to come and find out. Some of the gals ride from West Des Moines or Waukee to Adel. The VeloRosa group then rides to Redfield and back. The Rendezvous bar then hosts the party. You can choose from Iowa Chops, steaks, kabobs, burgers all with salad bar, potato and the awesome grilled garlic toast. This week one-legged Lee manned the grill. Sitting around for two weeks had caused her to go stir crazy, so she drove out and then cooked for many.

The Steak Ride takes place once a month on a Wednesday.

Your not quite roving reporter,


Monday, August 9, 2010

Sam Tackles Big Creek

VeloRosa's Sam Bolen veered off the bike trail and jumped into Big Creek for this past weekend's Tri! The Olympic distances in the swim and run were shortened. However, for any true biker like Sam, that was no problem. Although it is rumored that if you want your Olympic distance Tri to be cut short, have Sam enter!

According to Sam's hubby Jon, she still swam the full 1.5k due to some sighting issues and a strong desire to help bring in the buoys. In true VeloRosa fashion she went above and beyond the call when competing. She transitioned quickly and rocked out the bike course. The 5k run was possibly the best part when her two pacers joined her (see photo).

Finally the sign we all like to see FINISH was welcome in the heat and humidity of the Iowa summer. Congrats Sam! Job well done.

Your hopping (not roving) race reporter,


Sunday, August 8, 2010


VeloRosa's own Dee Mable took her bike and her metal to West Branch on Saturday to race in the Iowa State Road Race Championship. The 54-mile, 2-lap race was a test of strategy as well as stamina. The first lap was rather uneventful as the pack stayed tight. That all changed with about 5 miles left. Cara Hamann with the Iowa City Cycling Club charged away from the pack. Dee accepted the challenge and took her wheel. They worked together through the remaining miles. Dee plotted her strategy and made an aggressive move near the end. She was able to beat Cara to the line to take home first place.

This win puts Dee a bit further ahead in the 2010 Iowa Cup Point Race. Dee is expressed excitement at being able to come home for the next point race--VeloRosa's Big Creek Road Race on August 21. The final race in the series is the East Village Crit on August 22.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pink Fun on RAGBRAI All Photos