Monday, June 4, 2012

Aryn and Heather Rock Pigman Sprint Tri

Congrats to Aryn and Heather for awesome finishes in the Pigman Sprint Tri.   Aryn took first in her age group and Heather took third in hers.  Not only did they rock the race, both were seen at the VeloRosa party the day before.  Now that is dedication to being pink!  While most VeloRosians were sleeping off the prior day's fun, these two were up and racing (likely finished racing by the time you were awake!).

Great job and kudos to both of you!

Your Roving Race Reporter,

Luann Heather and her brother Rob both brought home the bacon!

Allison Wins Age Group at Bluff Creek Tri

Big Congrats to newcomer Allison L for winning the Athena division of the Bluff Creek Sprint Tri.  Not only was she the first woman in her category she was the sixth finisher in the Athena/Clydesdale division (25 total).  What does that mean?  It means she smoked a ton of guys as well as all of the women in that section.

With her continued developement as a bike racer, her times will only improve!

In the long distance race, Aryn  continued her prowess by placing third overall and first in her age group..  Aryn has been a force to be reconned with in all of the tris which she has entered this year.   Congrats Aryn!

Kim B also raced the long course and finished sixth overall and second in her age group.  This was a very strong showing for Kim.

Congrats to Allison, Aryn and Kim for making the Pink Ladies proud!!

Your Roving Reporter,


Lee Takes on Snake Alley; Melon City Crit

VeloRosa's own pink gal Lee traveled over the Memorial Day weekend to do a little racing.  Good thing about Lee is that whether she has teammates or not, she packs up that little blue bike and heads out to take on the field.  Both fields were loaded with out-of-state racers.  Snake Alley Crit is in Burlington and Melon City Crit is in Muscatine.  Both are located in the Eastern part of the state and the four days of racing draw bikers and fans from all of the surrounding states.

Snake Alley is billed as the having the most twists and turns of any road anywhere.  Add cobble stones (bricks on their sides) and a climb that will tire out the best mountain climbers and you have a race that seems to only consist of this climb.  There is a balance of the race that has quick down hills punctuated by many 90 degree turns.  But it is THE climb that draws the fans and causes the racers to wilt.

Lee finished 19th on a hot and humid day.   Her race was frustrated by being popped off her bike by cleats that did not hold on the rough terrain.  Thanks to a bit of running and a fan with a push, she was able to remount on the relatively flat area.  Ha---relatively flat on Snake Alley.

She came back the next day to race the crit at Melon City.  This race has a downhill that will make the speed racer in you excited except for the large speed bump at the bottom.  Don't slow down too much as the long, steep climb starts right after the bump.  So just relax, enjoy 25+ mph, easy with the hands and use your legs as shock absorbers.  Then pedal like made to start the climb.  Lee endured this race to finish 14.

Congrats to Lee on a job well done in the heat and against stiff competition!

Your Roving Race Reporter,