Monday, April 30, 2012

Squaw Creek Crit

The opening race of the Iowa Cup proved that  February may bring 80 degree days but the first Cup race of the season will be cold and windy.   The grey skies held off the rain long enough for the eight-lap race to take place.   The Cat 1-4 women all lined up together near the apex of the hill.  The perilous start line would also be the challenging finish line.  

As everyone worked to clip in and start to pedal prior to falling over, the race took off in a flash.  One way to get your heart rate up quickly is to climb out of a dead start.  The Cat 1-3 ladies formed a gap by the mid-point of the first lap.   Lee and Erika fell in to the group of Cat 4 racers.  The winding roads and rolling hills did little to break up of the group.  However, the long steep downhill that slams into a sharp left turn separated out the group into two distinct sets.  Eventually there were three groups making the rounds.  As each rider made the long and winding climb to the start line, another lap was counted down.

Lee found the wheel of a stronger racer, traded places for a few laps and set up for an exciting finish.  She came around the bike in front for what was a two person race for placing.  She was not quite able to close the gap and lost out by less than half of a wheel.   Lee took fifth. Erika held on strong to take 11th place in her first crit race.

Kudos to both ladies for getting out and representing The Pink Biker Chicks in fine fashion.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Monday, April 23, 2012


Last Wednesday was opening night at The Rendezvous in Adel for steak night.  VeloRosa has had the tradition of doing this fun ride and eating event one time a month.  Last week Kristin started from work and met up with Lee and Joann to ride toward Waukee.  Angie and Karolyn met  up near Waukee and all arrived safely in Adel.    The grill was hot and the music was awesome.  The bar offers steaks, burgers, chicken and pork along with salad, garlic toast and baked potato for a low, low price.  It is grill your own or talk Lee into doing it for you.

For those of you new to the team or those who just forgot how much fun this ride is, you need to get out and do this!  The next team scheduled ride is May 23.    But you do not have to wait that long.  The grilling goes on every Wednesday.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elkhart Time Trial

The Pink Ladies rocked the first time trial held in Elkhart, Iowa. Five VeloRosians raced with several other honorary members also putting tread to the roadway. It was a windy and a bit rainy but the ladies showed that racing against the clock is feasible in all weather conditions. Aryn and Megan took third and fourth, respectively, in the Women's Cat 1/2/3/4/5. Lee took third in the Masters 40+ which Julie Goodman won. Heather Oxenford and Erika York went one-two in the Women's Cat 4. The next race is MAY 10----LET'S GET MORE PINK OUT TO DO THIS RACE. You can do anything for SEVEN miles--trust me! Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann


Congrats to Megan Kelly for winning the Iowa Spring Classic gravel race at Grinnell! She beat out eight other women over 23 miles and finished in a time of 1:36:40. Megan held on to beat Sheri R to the line. Sheri road a smart race and kept Megan in her sights. However, once Megan could see the finish the sweet taste of victory propelled her there. Ali Y also road a strong race and finished fifth. She had two top five finishes for this race series. Congrats to both ladies for their awesome races! Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann