Saturday, January 21, 2012


You've asked about? You've dreamt about it! You've even fantasized about how you would look in it. Because you belong, you can now order this awesome kit. This is THE kit for 2012. Others are going to be staring, gawking, falling off their bikes when you cruise by in the VeloRosa team kit.

The short sleeve jersey is light weight with plenty of ventilation. You know that Iowa summers are hot, hot, hot.

When the weather cools or you are out after dark, put on the long sleeve jersey. This heavier weight jacket is perfect for chilly mornings or evenings. In the winter layer under it and stay warm. You can ever wear it out as a jacket for a night on the town.

The shorts are some of the most comfortable that you will own. The new design is sleek and stylish. The sleeveless jersey is great on the single-track trails or for not having biker tan-lines on your arms. Hey, the short tan-line is enough of a tag!

After you ride, slip into the newly designed T. It is perfect with your bike shorts for a casual ride or with jeans or shorts for that cool beverage that you know you will be enjoying. Also available are sweatshirts, hats, arm warmers and yoga-style pants.

GUYS, don't you worry, men's styles are available for many of the items. You know that you ROCK THE PINK too!

These kits were designed by our most talented teammate, Kim H. A team could not ask for a better design that represents the passion that flows through this team. See note below for her co-hort in design.

Order now as the window closes on January 29. This is your only time this year to order. Here is site address:

Your Roving Race Reporter (and now fashion guru),


NOTE FROM KIM: I just wanted to thank my friend and fellow artist, Greta Songe, for collaborating with me on this project. I met Greta a few years ago on RAGBRAI. She rides for Team Stream who are supported by a cool Airstream trailer as they travel across the state. Among her other endeavors, Greta enjoys designing fabrics and I asked her to create the "thorn pattern" that is used on the arm/leg of the kit. Her direction was to come up with something that was "graceful yet threatening"... much like the women of VeloRosa!:) Her design completely hit the mark and I really love the flair it adds to the kits! Here is a link to her spoonflower page where you can view (and I believe purchase) her beautiful fabrics! THANKS AGAIN, GRETA!!!!