Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lee Takes 5th at Spooky Cross

Lee brought her A game to the Spooky Cross race on Saturday at Living History Farms.
With the women only being offered the choice of racing Cat1/2/3 or Cat 4  Lee was not discouraged by not having a Master's category (besides it seems she likes to race the 35+ instead of the 45+........a strange gal indeed!).  She she donned her Miss Kitty outfit and left a lung somewhere on the course.  As the only VeloRosa racer, she had great fan support.  Thanks to the recent mountain bike clinic she even hopped the top barrier on the hill.   The first time she hopped it, celebrated and promptly fell off of her bike.   Not to be dissuaded by that, the next time she hopped it, and started to grind up the hill.  Maria was kind enough to give her that last push over the top.  By the next lap, her quads were burning.  The crowd was yelling at her to hop it again.  Not wanted to disappoint and truly being motivated by cheers, she hopped it again and this time Pete gave her the final lift over the hill.   Could she do it one more time?  On the final lap Lee was yelling that she was not going to hop it only to have Pete sit on the barrier.  Would she run him over?  Nope she gutted it out, got over the barrier and Pete took her the rest of the way. 

Sunday brought out a few more racers with Erika taking on her first cyclocross race as the Crash Test Dummy.   A very fitting outfit with plenty of padding.............just in case.   She raced hard without crashing to finish 9th.  A great showing for her first outing.

Julie G raced dressed as a real racer (Luann did not know that Julie owned a regular helmet or a kit!).  Lee reverted back to her usual cyclocross racing style by enjoying the course.  At one point Lee was seen giving hand-downs of Fireball, Hamm's beer and candy.   As she is always taking hand-ups, this seemed a very fitting way to end her cross season.  Julie and Lee raced for DFL with Lee winning that race.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Kim, Joann go 1-2 at Oakley Night Cap Cross

Congrats to Kim and Joann
for placing first and second, respectively in the W45+ section at Mullet's. Kim took off like a shot and held enough of a lead to tempt Joann to chase her down but never let her quite catch up. The race was grueling at times with a long off camber climb, a tough, steep downhill with a shape turn and barriers and plenty of twists and turns. The Pink Gals showed up in fine fashion showing off the superb pink and black kits under the lights. The VeloRosa kits was the most commented on by the
spectators!! In the Cat 4 race Ali took 5th and Sara took 8th in a race that was packed with young, talented racers. In the W35+ Karolyn took 5th, Lee 7th and Jen V 9th. Julie G took 6th in the 45+. What an awesome night with black skies, rocking music, crazy fans and great fun. There were plenty of VeloRosa riders cheering on teammates and handing up beers. All it was a hot pink night!

Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cap City Cross Pictures

Cap City Cyclocross

Capitol City opened the cyclocross season in central Iowa. It was great to see all of the pink gals out there racing. If you have not come to watch, get out this Saturday evening at Mullet's. It is night racing under the lights. It is a rowdy crowd for a sport where hackling is cherished. Close your eyes and imagine..........live bands rocking the night; brightly clad bikers pedaling, running and carrying bikes over barriers; racing fans mixed with local just looking for a fun night of beer and friendship. Did I say BEER! Yes a beer tent usually with great prices. So what are you waiting for.................come on out. The women race at 8:45 p.m. Full sked at www.usacycling.org But back to the races...............Saturday's race was fast and furious. The course was dry and fast. There was a large hill to race down with a funky turn in it. For those unable to navigate the tight turn, it was a run off through the yellow tape. Rumor has it that this was one of our own pink gals on nice new Jamis bike! Congrats to Michelle Smith Jones for taking 6th and Abby for taking 9th in the very competitive Cat 4 race. Lee finished 4th and Julie G 5th in 45+ race. The Sunday version switched the uphill with a downward route. There was a fast downhill that allowed many riders to catch some air. The uphill was a double barrier climb. Those folks on heckler hill were kind enough to install a chair where one could rest and enjoy a beer. The proof is in the pictures. Lee personally thanks Pete for bike transportation while she was taking a breather. Boy, you have to love cyclocross. Rumor has it that even the women's winner stopped for a quick beer hand-up. The race was brimming with Pink Gals! Congrats to Ali on her 4th place finish in the tough Women's Cat 4. Kim pulled off a 7th place finish in the Cat1/2/3. Lee and Amy each took second in the Masters 35+ and 45+ respectively. Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann I am having trouble putting up photos.............will try in a second blog!