Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Velorosa Holiday Party

Pizza, Drinks, Door Prizes & More!!

When: Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Where: Orlando's-4337 Park Ave, DM

Time: 6pm-8pm

RSVP-Joann at schmjj12@hotmail.com

Monday, October 31, 2011


Another haunting weekend of biking has come and gone. Yes, it was time for Spooky Cross. The Pink ladies donned costumes and hit the dirt. If you like hills, these races are for you.

Saturday's race through the town looked innocent enough. A few gravely turns and you are out of site. Through the woods, over the road, a sharp right then reveals a hill. Take your lowest gear and grind through it. You had heard about the hills and think, "Girl, they were right!" A little downhill and around the curve to the barriers. Yep, it is not cross without barriers. You hop over them and get ready to remount. But WAIT!!! No! THIS is the hill they meant. Holy Mackerel. You resign yourself to run up it. OK maybe walk up it. But pushing your bike, the heckling stings. Where are the cheers of encouragement? Ha! Not at this point. You legs quiver and your lungs burn. At last to the top.
Hop on and take off. Great to ride again. A few turns and then straight down hill. Don't take out any more markers (thank goodness they are plastic). A few rollers, some gravel, another set of barriers, a field and back to the main road. Where these crowds do cheer, ring cowbells and offer you a 'Cold Hamm's'. Yes, this is day one of Spooky Cross at Living History Farms.

If you are game enough, come back on Sunday. Oh, the venue is the same but the course has transitioned. If you ever thought a county road was a bumpy and rough ride, we scoff at you! Ride through harvested fields, full of mud plods, loose gravel, tight turns. There is water but a nice crossing; if you can ride the narrow bridge and goes up in sections and then drops you back on the trail. Tool around the farm and enjoy the view.
Some hills, grassy section, a few barriers, let go on the steep down hill so that you can make it up the next rise. Take a few tight turns, head down a worn, rutted, loose dirt road with a right right and let the real fun begin.

Really? You ask. You cannot see it coming but gear down and start to climb. The road is not nice. Deeply rutted, loose dirt and gravel. Long grass to grab your derailleur. OK, you made it across the road and turn to see THE HILL. Long, narrow, rutted, deep gravel, leaves, loose dirt and as steep as they come. At least here the fans cheer, cow bells ring, Halloween candy is offered,
as is a hot pepper. Whatever it takes to get up the dang hill. You can spin, stand and climb, pray as only the strongest legs get up that hill. But the cheers are well worth it. A few turns and some mulchy rollers. One more set of barriers and you are back to the gravel and one lap is done. Enjoy the next 5,6 or 8 additional laps!

Yes, this is Spooky Cross!

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Most photo credits to Dave Mable; Megan K; Joann S; Kim H; Aryn F; Lee all posed for these photos! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Newcome Kim Wins at Iowa Games Tri

One of our newest members, Kim B rocked out the Iowa Games Triathlon by winning her division.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


East Village Crit Pink Photos

THANKS to everyone for the great photos! What an awesome Pink memory!

Your Roving Photo Downloader,


East Village Crit Ruled by Pink

What a Saturday on the East side of downtown Des Moines is was as VeloRosa dominated the day's races.

Not only did Pink Gals race well, they also manned the corner, helped with registration and handled the prim table. Thanks to everyone that came out.

Megan held off a charging DMOS rider to take the Cat 4 race. With this race Megan closed out the season as the Cat 4 points leader. This is the second year that a VeloRosa rider has taken the points cup in this Cat, as Dee Mable swept it last year. Dee also won it four years and took third three years ago. What a great cycling legacy the Pink Gals have!

Lee rode the crit race of her short racing lifetime to take 6th place. She is set up to take a victory or two next year in the Cat 4 races.

Megan and Loren teamed up to race the Cat 1/2/3 race. Megan did an immediate upgrade to the next class and took on the challenge that same day. It is hard enough to race 15 or so laps of 70% uphill grade and then come back a few hours later and race for more than 15.

In the Cat 1/2/3/ Loren threw the regular pack off kilter with her hard charging racing style. She made the podium by finishing third. I believe that makes her a podium finisher for each cup race that she entered. Megan followed up her earlier victory and made her presence known for next year by finishing 6, beating several ladies that have raced in this Cat all season long.

On the pink gents side, Jason came out to try his first crit and quickly found the going all up hill. He raced hard and hung on to finish strong. His comments afterward may have pointed to his continued racing in road races over crits. However, the long winter tends to fade the first-race pains!

All of this awesome pink riding could not have taken place without the support of all other team members in helping to put on this race.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


See next post for photos from this awesome day!

Teresa Places at Hickory Grove

Big Congrats to Terese Harms for placing at the Hickory Grove Tri. The sprint distance triathlon is quite the challenge. Terese held off all competitors in her category except for two to claim third place.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Friday, September 2, 2011

Pink UAR Women's Champs

Kim and Karolyn put down the hammer on the city of Des Moines and all of the other challengers to win the Urban Assault Ride women's division. They used their 'fireball' attitudes, bike savvy and excellent knowledge of the Des Moines to combine with outstanding feats of great skill and strength to take home top prize.

There was an outstanding showing of pink team, pink partners/spouses and pink friends. It was great to see everyone having a good time.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Friday, August 12, 2011

Kim Hopkins Wins 7 Oaks MTB Race

Kim showed why she left road racing to concentrate on the dirt by taking first place in the Cat 2 race. If you have ever riden with Kim on the dirt, you can see her exceptional bike handling skills. If there ever was a course that demanded that, it is 7 Oaks.

Congrats to Kim for this outstanding victory.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


State Road Race Championship to Megan!

Megan Kelly road the race of her life time and held off the field to take first place in the State Road Race Championship. With this she added 10 more points to her total for Iowa Cup Points. She currently leads all of the women in Cat 4. With one more race to go in the series, she is a lock-in to take the title.

In the Cat 3, Loren came off of the injure reserve list to place 2rd. She showed her very strong biking skills to rock this Cat. Next year she and Dee should give the Mercy gals a strong run for the money.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


VeloRosa Takes Medals at Clear Lake

What a weekend of racing it was in Mid-July in Clear Lake. A beautiful Saturday opened to an outstanding Crit race. Not only was it the always competitive Clear Lake Crit it also was the Iowa State Crit Championship.

In the Women's Cat 4, reigning Iowa Cup leader, Megan Kelly took first in a hotly contested race. Lee hung on for a lucky 13th place.

In the Women's Cat 3 Dee Mable too time off from the gravel to place 4th.

In the Women's State Championship, Megan took First in Cat 4 and Lee 10th. Dee took 2nd in the Cat 3 race.

First time racer Jason Simpson, in the Men's Cat 5, took 3rd overall and places 2nd in the State Championship. Not only did he rock the pink, he rocked the Cat 5 with this stellar first showing. Whomever said men don't look good in pink? That person never saw said man on the podium!!!!

On Sunday, the racers met again to take on the lengthy road race through the rolling hills around Clear Lake. This time two men in pink showed up at Tobin Bennett joined medal-winner Jason to take on the Cat 5 group. Unfortunately, Jason flatted almost right out of the start which kept pink from taking the top two spots. Tobin road on in his first race and took 3rd.

The Women's Cat 4 lined up pink racers Megan, Lee and Melinda Reese joined in this race. Melinda looked strong riding through the pack to sit just off of the front. Megan held her own out front with a strong Mercy contingent behind her. Lee showed her mettle when she recognized the group's break away and went with them. For the first time in her career she stayed with the lead pack and finished 9th overall. Melinda held on to the back of the pack and ended up 11th. Megan put on a great ride and finished 3rd overall.

Dee hung with the leaders in the Cat 1, 2 3 race to take 3rd in the Cat 3 race. She looked strong again at this longer distance.

Wow! That was the most awesome weekend of pink racing. Many thanks to Lisa B and Kim H for coming up to cheer. If you have not been to Clear Lake, put it on your calender for next year. Outstanding racing along with great BBQ and blues music.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grinnell Crit--Dee Take 3rd in Cat 1/2/3

Dee M came off of the grimy gravel roads to put the light, fast bike on the pavement and see what she had in the tank. She proved that the time on the tandem has been well spent as she placed 3rd in this race.

Congrats to Dee!! We all know she will be back after her and Dave demolish Leadville!

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Megan Takes Rose Fest Crit and Road Races

Big Congrats to Megan K for winning both the twilight crit and the road race in State Center. Beside these awesome victories, a new slew of pink racers were initiated.

Melinda R came out for her third race and placed 7th overall at the Road Race. Erika Y tried her hand at the Road Race and took 8th overall. Both raced in the Cat 4 race. This race was a single lap with plenty of hills. Both of these gals hung on and then raced fine races through the 20+ miles.

Megan hung at the front of the pack and sprinted to victory in Road Race to follow up on her first place the night before. Megan is leading the Iowa Cup points race this year.

Melinda and Erika both celebrated their places:

Rock on to the pink ladies!!!

Your Roving Race Reporter,



The pink ladies and gents took on TOMRV The total climbing added up to 11,280 feet.
Some of the climbs were over 300' in height through the limestone and valleys.
Some of the descents were breath taking in beauty as well as in fear!
Congrats to all that mastered the 200 miles.
We have some awesome biking couples associated with this team!!! Ride on.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Squaw Creek May 7

Squaw Creek crit was raced on a sunny Saturday in Marion, IA. The compact course contained several steep climbs including one at the finish. The 1/2/3s raced along with the 4s leading to a very fast start.
The pack stayed together until the long, steep down hill and sweeping left turn. That combination netted out the meek from the courageous.

Megan K sat off the wheel of front Mercy gals for the whole race. She showed her
mettle with a burst at the final hill to take second place. Lee held on for a fourth place finish.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Race Like a Girl

RLG returned to Des Moines

and the VeloRosa ladies, plus the hotest guy in pink,
showed up in force to take part.

It was wonderful to see all of the new

riders coming out to learn the ropes.

Erika, Aryn, Melinda, Dee, Megan and Jason rocked the pink jerseys and rode like the wind.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Photos by Kim and Karolyn............thanks gals!!!