Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Great Day For A Ride (In January!!)

A dozen hardy souls, unwilling to spend another minute on a trainer or at spin class (though we do love Herbie), braved the 30 degree temps and went outside for what has become a weekly ride.
A smooth working machine!

Dee and Kristin couldn't resist the alure of the new pink LeMonds sitting in their living rooms, and broke out the new bikes (they also knew that each of their husbands, happy they are out riding so much, would gladly clean their bikes before the expo in a week!!)

Dee and her new steed

Also bundling up for the fun were Joann, Kim, Dalena and Kelli (making a Pink Rock Composite Team!) - and were also joined by Kyla, or 'New Girl', who recently moved back home from 10 years of living in Colorado (wha???). Some nice boys tagged along - Duffy, Floodie, Nathan and Dave. An hour or so of beating against the wind treated us to an enjoyable tailwind ride home down Beaver. Now, we're all just excited for the start of the Tuesday Night World Championships, beginning this week! Yahoo!
New Girl

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Now... if the snow would let up a little bit so we can all go out and play!

Hey Forrest and Steve, Thanks for helping us get the bikes, and Ben thanks for the great fit! See you at the expo!

Oh, and one more thing..... Moonbeam (Lou)kicked JJ and Tony's butt in the 2008 Season Opener at Spring Training Camp in Tuscon - and only Lou would do this... but he started his watch as he came to the summit of the 25 mile, 6% grade Mt. Lemmon.... and and it showed 16 min by the time JJ and Tony crested the pass. We hope it is an indication of a good year!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

So.. tell me about those bikes a-yers.

The Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast Pro Cycling Team is swinging their legs over the LeMond Triumph Series bike this year - and enjoying the ride. This is essentially the same bike as ridden by the All9Yards Women this summer - so I thought ya might like to have a more detailed look - from the perspective of a pro team.

Read all about it here.

Editorial note about LeMond - the guy. Yes, everybody talks about how he's all fat and out of shape. Last autumn, he lined up with 1700 others at the starting line of the 25th Anniversary Chequamegon 40 (of course... HE got a preferred start!) Try as we might - we could not match his prowess, speed or agility in the 42 mile race - and he squeaked in 3 minutes ahead of us in a respectable 2:48. Well, that ain't too bad. His son, Geoffry, finished a strong 57th place, just behind local stud, Jed Gammell. You may remember seeing a picture of Geoffry on the cover of VeloNews in early August of, say, 1989!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Eddy B Yearly Training Plan, Part 2

So begins Specialization - a 6-8 week period from early March to late April, when we begin to turn endurance into speed. We begin to 'specialize' as competitive cyclists - It is the effort that differentiates competitive cyclists from 'recreational' cyclists - it is what propels us, both physically and mentally, to a different level of fitness. You will be active 7 days a week.

Long hard group ride or 'training' race - increasing in distance each week by 5-10 miles (ranging from 35-40 at the beginning of March to 60-70 by the end of April)

Recovery ride, 45-60min easy spin in low gear. Or cross train.

Speedwork - begin with 2 hard efforts of 10-15 seconds (150-200 meters) - full out. Increase to 6 by late April. Upper body work. Click on the TRX link to the right and down for a great tool for strength training.

Long steady ride, same distance as Sunday's ride, but not as hard. Not easy - use the big chainring for a fairly strong tempo ride. For triathletes, this is a good day to run. Either bag the ride - or shorten the ride if you do run.

Intervals: These are not sprints - but longer and really hard efforts - if your interval period is 60 seconds, ride so hard that you can go 100% for 60 seconds, but not 70. Begin with 3-5 min efforts, starting with 2, and build on that. As March rolls on into April, change to shorter intervals, but more of em. Be sure to get a good warm up and warm down.

2 hours easy ride. Strength training.

Long easy ride (30-50m)You triathletes will probly look at today as your long run day. That works too - If that's you, make your ride shorter, or bag it.

Understand that this is Eddy Bs cycling training plan that he used to train Olympians - like the guy who rode my bike, the Red Rocket. For Triathletes, I realize you are swimming too, and probly have a family and job and grass to mow... So, this plan is easy to modify. The most important rides are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. You don't have to do them on those days, but if you really want to improve, get in those 3 workouts; sprints, hard intervals and a long, spirited ride. That leaves 4 days for running and swimming. If you want to add a 4th day riding, add a strong tempo ride like the one described on Wednesday. Even with all this, I still believe in strength training (though I too have a hard time finding time to fit it in). Proper nutrition and rest is a MUST during this prepatory period - your body is a very hard working machine and needs to be nurtured.

Good luck!

Editorial note - this Yearly Training Plan is taken, almost word for word, from Bicycle Road Racing, writen by Eddy Borysewicz, 1980-84 US Olympic Cycling Coach. It is intended to be used as a guide and can and should be adapted to meet the individual needs/wants/desires of, well, you. As always, consult your doctor before beginning any rigorous exercise program!