Sunday, March 2, 2008

So.. tell me about those bikes a-yers.

The Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast Pro Cycling Team is swinging their legs over the LeMond Triumph Series bike this year - and enjoying the ride. This is essentially the same bike as ridden by the All9Yards Women this summer - so I thought ya might like to have a more detailed look - from the perspective of a pro team.

Read all about it here.

Editorial note about LeMond - the guy. Yes, everybody talks about how he's all fat and out of shape. Last autumn, he lined up with 1700 others at the starting line of the 25th Anniversary Chequamegon 40 (of course... HE got a preferred start!) Try as we might - we could not match his prowess, speed or agility in the 42 mile race - and he squeaked in 3 minutes ahead of us in a respectable 2:48. Well, that ain't too bad. His son, Geoffry, finished a strong 57th place, just behind local stud, Jed Gammell. You may remember seeing a picture of Geoffry on the cover of VeloNews in early August of, say, 1989!

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