Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Great Day For A Ride (In January!!)

A dozen hardy souls, unwilling to spend another minute on a trainer or at spin class (though we do love Herbie), braved the 30 degree temps and went outside for what has become a weekly ride.
A smooth working machine!

Dee and Kristin couldn't resist the alure of the new pink LeMonds sitting in their living rooms, and broke out the new bikes (they also knew that each of their husbands, happy they are out riding so much, would gladly clean their bikes before the expo in a week!!)

Dee and her new steed

Also bundling up for the fun were Joann, Kim, Dalena and Kelli (making a Pink Rock Composite Team!) - and were also joined by Kyla, or 'New Girl', who recently moved back home from 10 years of living in Colorado (wha???). Some nice boys tagged along - Duffy, Floodie, Nathan and Dave. An hour or so of beating against the wind treated us to an enjoyable tailwind ride home down Beaver. Now, we're all just excited for the start of the Tuesday Night World Championships, beginning this week! Yahoo!
New Girl

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