Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Steak Ride of the Summer!

Join us this Wed., Sept. 16th, for the last Steak Ride of the summer! We will meet at the Rendezvous Bar in Adel at 5:45. It is located at 909 Main Street. If you are driving out, there is a small parking lot in the rear or you can park on one of the side streets. Plan on riding a total of 20 miles. We will ride the trail from Adel out to Redfield and back. Just far enough to earn a great steak dinner and a beer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Creek Road Race this Weekend

The weekend is almost upon us! Look for some great cycling fun to happen in and around the Des Moines area.

Start the weekend of right and GO jump in a lake! Hosted by GO! Training, the swim starts at 8am on the beach at Big Creek Lake. Contact Dave Mable at for more information.

Stick around after the swim and race the Toyota Big Creek Road Race, brought to you by the women of the Bike World/All9yards Cycling Team. With $1900 in prize money and a great 6 mile rolling country course, the start/finish in beautiful Big Creek State Park (right near the beach... bring the kids!!) - it will be a great race! There will be a 'Women's Beginner' race for women who have raced for less than a year - the open race is for all the fast chicks that have been beating each other up for more than a year. Go to for more information.

Sat. evening head down to the State Capitol where the Bicycle Coasting Contest will take place on the East Walnut Street hill, beginning at 6:30 p.m. A $5 entrance fee benefits the Des Moines Bicycle Collective. Also on Saturday, the Des Moines Cycle Club is hosting a Pajama Party bicycle ride in the East Village. The ride is free, but a $5 per person donation is requested for the alcohol-free pajama party, $1 of which will be contributed to the Partnership for a Drug-Free Iowa. Gates open at 6:30 p.m., with food and bike vendors on-hand. The ride starts on East Third Street at 7:30 p.m. and will continue through downtown Des Moines for about one hour. There will be prizes for the best lighted bike and the best pajamas. The pajama party will begin in the parking lot on East Third Street, between Locust and Walnut streets, immediately following the bike ride and include a showing of the movie "Breaking Away."

The final event of the weekend is the East Village Criterium bike race on Aug. 30. Events start at 8:15 a.m. and continue all day until the award ceremonies at 6 p.m. Events include races for kids and age groups to age 60 and older. Race day registration starts at 7 a.m. near the start/finish line at the foot of the Iowa State Capitol. Online registration, at, closes at 10:59 p.m. Friday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What A Great Way to Start the Day!

Thanks Dee, JoAnn, Joe, Kristin and Lori for another great ride from Bike World West Wednesday morning! It started out a little chilly and of course very dark, but we were excited to see JoAnn and Joe pull in to join us!

Monday, JoAnn was going to give it a go, but do to the heavy rains opted out. The forecast was in our favor today and we only got honked at one time! I think everyone had a great morning and we didn't have one rain drop!

Let's do it again soon! Go Pink!

45+ Miles On The Bike Was Our Goal...

...but didn't think we would be welcomed by a monsoon to start our early morning ride!

This past Monday morning Joann, Dee and I headed to BWW to do an early morning ride with a regular BWW group of riders starting at 5:15 AM. We planned to do the Urban Loop with them and then head out East to finish on the Van Meter loop to try to get in 45+ miles.

As I drove to BWW for the start of the ride, I noticed it starting to sprinkle a little. According to the radar, on my handy dandy I-phone, it looked like we might just get a little sprinkling for the start of our ride, but wasn't supposed to be get too crazy. Not many were gathering for the early ride this day, possibly because of the threat of rain. It ended up being the three of us and three other riders. One was a new rider, out of Chicago area, named Mike. After one last evaluation of the radar, along with the encouraging advise of Mr. Dave Mable, that we would only get the “tail” of the storm, we headed out to try and "Git-R-Done.” Joann, recovering from a broken collar bone, decided not to take any chances with the threat of slippery roads and opted out of the early ride. JoAnn, it was so nice to see you back on the bike so quickly after the accident. Great job!

We started out with the regular early group, but after about 2 miles ,decided that they really must have wanted to ride by themselves, because they started out really fast and it was just too dangerous with the heavy rains to go continue at that pace AND it was still dark out. At one stop light, our brakes weren't even working properly. So Dee, Mike and I let them break away and by this time the rain was really starting to come down. By the time we got to the Valley Junction area the rain was coming down so hard it was stinging our faces. We decided to not take any chances and pulled into an awning area to wait it out. I am so glad we did.

Once the rain subsided, we headed out again and Dee suggested that we just turn around and head back East to complete the Van Meter Loop instead of trying to finish the Urban Loop first. As we headed back east my enthusiasm to continue on was dwindling and I really just wanted to head back to Bike World West, get in my car, head home to take a nice hot shower and get the work day started. I'm glad that Dee encouraged us to continue on. We ended having an awesome ride, along with our new friend Mike! It turned out to be a beautiful morning and so our goal 45+ miles was complete!

Thanks Dee and our new friend Mike from Chicago! I couldn't have done it without you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bike Collective Experience!

Have you ever wondered what happens at the Bike Collective downtown? Well, I did too and finally got the chance to volunteer my time with some great Friends this past Friday night. I had so much fun and it was nice to know we were making a difference in our community. After picking up a few snacks and drinks JoAnn, Joe, Natalie, Amy, Lisa & Myself worked for about two hours cleaning and helping to organize the facility. The organization is completely ran by volunteers who collect donated and used bicycles, fix them up and give them charity or sell at a very affordable price.

If you haven't had a chance to volunteer this year with your fellow members in the club, then watch for details on upcoming opportunities to help the Bike Collective out. If you aren't able to volunteer at an organized event with the club, then feel free to stop by their shop anytime to give a little time for a good cause. You can find more details and photos by going to their website:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Eventful August - so far!!!

I know it's suppose to be, like March, or something - but this year August came in like a lion!

Pink shone brightly at the Iowa State Road Race Championships on the first day of the month. With Kim and Joann all beat up, Dalena racing Big Creek and Kristin racing her mtn bike in Waverly, Dee headed over to West Branch to fly the pink flag solo. 15 starters toed the line for the 54 mile race. By the end of the race, it was down to 3 in the front group - our beloved Dee amoung them. A long hill lead to the finish line, and in the 3-up sprint for the line, Dee came out victorious! A state champion in Pink! And with Iowa Cup points to boot! With her victory at the road race, Dee now holds a slim lead over Sara (PRC) and is 5 points behind Sandy (Skin)in the season long Iowa Cup. A strong showing will be needed at the East Village Criterium by each of those three ladies if they are to be crowned the Iowa Cup Champion!

That same weekend, Dalena and Dotty flew the pink flag at the Big Creek Triathlon! Both of them enjoyed the wet-suit legal swim, rocked out on the bike and "cruised" the 2 lap run - I say 'cruised' because, though the morning started out cool, the sun was full-out by the time runners hit the pavement - and it made for a hot and sunny run. But both ladies did well, shaving minutes from thier Hy-Vee Olympic times!

Up north, Kristin Reese felt like getting a little dirty at the Camp Ingawanis Mountain Bike Race in Waverly. Kristin rode strongly on her sweet pink Gary Fisher mtn bike and finished in 2nd in the sport category!

The next weekend (Aug 8-9), Karolyn, Kristin and Dee (with her hubby, Dave, on the tandem) traveled to Aquabi State Park for another IMBCS mtn bike race. Karolyn, in her first race, won the beginner division against some strong riders! Kristin was 4th in the 3 lap sport category and Dee and Dave won the 4 lap tandem category!

We also heard about Julie and Julie rocking out the Muddy Buddy race in Chicago last weekend (Aug 1-2) in Chicago - Julie S. assures us that we need to rent a bus next year and all head over to the super fun event!

Congratulations all on an eventful, exciting August - and it's only just begun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pink Rocks @ Hy-Vee!

I loved the experience of training and competing...beat my goal on time for cycling so I was thrilled. And talk about FUN with a capital F. Loved the pink, it was sure easy to spot teammates! - Beth S.

Friday, July 3, 2009

All9Yards Women's Cycling Flys To England!!!

Two years ago when I met the Mable's and decided to try out this new "women's cycling thing", I never thought it would also give me the courage to someday rent a bike while traveling abroad and tour the countryside. Well, I had the opportunity to put my skills and courage to work this past June, when my husband and I decided to take two weeks off and travel to England to watch him play in the British Amateur Golf Tournament.

For the first three days we were there, he was going to be busy practicing, so I decided to do some exploring of my own...on the bike! I did a little research about hiring a bike (that's what they call it over there) and thought I had found a place to get a bike and all the fixins. When I arrived to pick up my bike, I realized that it only had three gears and looked like something to tool around the beach on. This was not good and I didn't bring any equipment, except for my awesome All9Yards kit to ride in, so I could travel light. I ended up taking Gene to the golf club for his first practice round and asked the club pro where he might suggest I go to rent a bike for the week. They were not very optimistic that I would find a place, but the stars were in alignment for me that day and I was in luck and someone suggested this little bike shop just ahead in the next town, Birkdale. So I kissed my hubby good day and set out on my adventure.I didn't realize how difficult driving on the opposite side of the road AND car could be, but I finally made it to Birkdale Cycles. Dave White, owner and bike maker, said he didn't typically hire out bikes, but said he would be happy to help me out and grab a brand new bike off the showroom floor, put on a water bottle cage, paddle lock, tire repair kit and I was set! It wasn't the new Trek Project One machine i have back home, but was perfect for the different terrains I would be traveling on. He also printed off a cool map of a few trails to try and said it would be ten pounds or about $20 us dollars per day to rent. I was so excited to start my journey. I was only able to fit in two long rides and see about 80 miles of beautiful and very old England Country side. I also got to experience an interesting cemetery and before leaving had to use their very old toilet! It actually flushed and yes I had had to hover! EEK!

I met a few people along the way and was even invited by one lady to come over to her home for dinner one night if we had time. She is the one who directed me to the old toilet at the cemetery. She was visiting her husband for his birthday. It was like going back in time and everybody was so friendly and the trails were amazing. It makes me want to explore our own beautiful countryside here in the USA!

There were all makes and models of bikes and cyclists. Many of them didn't have fancy kits or helmets, but just out enjoying the beautiful outdoors. There were also many groups of walkers out exploring the trails with a guide. I did make sure to wear my helmet, because the bike shop owner said you don't get paid as much for insurance, if you get hit and wasn't wearing one. He also said that it is almost like murder if a motorist hits a cyclist. I never heard one honk of a horn or any obscenities while riding either. They have bike lanes and motorist seem to actually respect bikers. I understand why so many enjoy taking bike tours over a vacation, in a bike friendly world. I saw more on my bike, then I ever would in my car and the interaction and friendliness of the people of England was amazing. There are a few things I would do differently the next time I travel abroad and looking to do some cycling, but wouldn't change anything about my first experience, expect for not being so close to an upcoming triathlon like

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fill the Hill at Hy-vee!

Let's FILL THE HILL at the tri this weekend with Team GO! GO! GO! GO!

details here:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour of the Mississippi River Valley

It was a great weekend to be on a bike. KPav, Karolyn and I went on the TOMRV ride this past Saturday and Sunday. For anyone who doesn't know TOMRV starts in Bettendorf, Iowa travels along the river valley and crosses into Illinois and up to Dubuque, Iowa Saturday night for 106 hilly miles. Then we got up Sunday and did the return trip on the Iowa side for about 89 more fun filled miles. We lucked out and missed the rain and had a great time meeting tons of other bikers and enjoying the great scenery. By the time you get back to Bettendorf you have climbed and very quickly descended a lot of hills. We were flying down some so fast I was glad I didn't have anything on my bike to tell me how fast I was going.

I also have to say our pink kits and pink bikes were quite a hit. We had people constantly complimenting us on the sweet pink colors!!

Yes the butt was majorly sore along with my legs Sunday night, but I for one am ready to do it again next year. It's a beautiful ride with great sag support, good food and plenty of interesting people to talk to.


Friday, June 5, 2009

What a nice night!

Thanks to the Jasper Winery for hosting yet another beautiful evening after the Wine Ride! See ya'll on the Steak Ride on June 10th!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thurs Night Wine Ride

Thurs night is our 3rd Wine Ride of the season!! The weather is looking fantastic so come on out and ride with us! Plan on meeting at the Jasper Winery on George Flagg at 5:30. From there we will ride out the Great Western Trail to Cumming (approx 8 miles). We'll stop at the Cumming Tap for some tacos and drinks and then ride back to the Winery where we can enjoy music from their Summer Concert Series. Should be a good time!

If you are planning ahead, the next Steak Ride is Wed. June 10th. Meet at The Rendezvous in Adel (park in back of the building) at 5:45. From there, we'll ride out on the trail to Redfield and back (approx. 20 miles). Afterwards, we'll enjoy grill-your-own steaks and cold beverages. Bring cash because last time I checked The Rendevous didn't take plastic! It's really a lot of fun and will be a great chance to get better acquainted!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


May 21st, 2009

When Kristin asked if anyone would be willing to write about the Wine Ride last Thursday night, I jumped at the chance to give the opinion, from a “newbies” point of view! AMAZINGLY-AWESOME, are still the emotions I’m living high off of TODAY!

I’ve been riding for only 2 years, this being the start of my 3rd season. I joined the All 9 Yards team, because of my love for cycling and my want to advance my riding skills. Not to mention, the opportunity to be able to meet new women with like minds! After last Thursday nights ride, I realize that I’m gaining all that, and SO much more!

My friend Kristin Hjelmeland, (also new!), and I arrived a bit early, feeling a bit intimidated. This was our first group ride other than riding with friends, and doing the hand full of events that we’ve ridden in, such as the Livestrong Ride, Mayors Ride, and the Iron Girl Duathlon, which we’ve competed in the last several years. But this was to become our first ride with our new team members! And we were STOKED!

We started out in the back of the pack, wanting to be able to take everything in, and not sure that we’d be able to keep up, we didn’t want to be in the way. The gals riding back there with us were so kind! They really took the time to get to know us, made us feel welcome, and part of the team. This kindness only continued! Once we arrived in Cummings, everyone introduced themselves over a cold beverage. It was the perfect evening for sitting on the patio, and enjoying some sun, while we talked about our families, eating and dieting tips, riding and training techniques, and sharing some much needed laughter! (Those Fat Tires were great! Thanks Kim and Maria!)

On the way back, Kristin and I feeling a bit more brave, took to the front of the pack! I know to a lot of you this really isn’t something to want to write about, or brag about…but it was, to me, for sure, one of the highlights of any of my riding! I’ve never ridden in a double pace line, wasn’t even sure how it was done! Or if I could! But the gals up there with us were so extremely patient! It was like being mentored! I learned a lot on that ride back, including the potential I now know I have as a female cyclist! I have no doubt with the help of all of you wonderful women, I can take my cycling to any lengths I may want.
And then arriving back at the Jasper Winery. Let me just say, any intimidation that I felt in the beginning, was gone! The empowerment and strength I felt riding up with all those spectators turning to check us out! WOW! I can’t express the pride I felt! To be a part of this team made up of such emotionally and physically strong women! Thank you, to everyone on that ride! And to everyone that I will consider it to be my pleasure, to meet in the future! I can’t wait for the opportunity to ride with you all again!

And to any of you that might be holding back from going on a group ride, what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT! You’ll have the time of your life!!

Brenda Schwartztrauber

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get well, Maria!

A dear friend of the Pink Team, Maria R. was injured in a crash at the Mellon City Bike Race this last Sunday. We would all like to send our best wishes to Maria and her family as she continues to recover in a Muscatine hospital.

Maria was hurt in a crash on the fast downhill side of the course, suffering some significant cuts to her face and rupturing her spleen. She was rushed to the local hospital where she had surgury to repair her spleen and stitch up her cuts.

She's doing well today (Monday) and will be in the Muscatine hospital for a few days, then return home to recover.

Again, we wish Maria the best and hope she has a speedy recovery.

- The Pink Team

Friday, May 22, 2009


OK, so I am supposed to be working but I am a bit distracted by thoughts of all the racing I will be missing this weekend. Memorial weekend is one of the biggest for road racing in Iowa. There are four straight days of racing starting with a road race on Friday in Burlington. The Snake Alley Criterium on Saturday is the highlight of the weekend. This is one of the most physically challenging races in the Midwest. It is held on a fifteen block course, with differences in elevation from 555 feet to 678 feet. The course is entirely on city streets, mostly in a downtown commercial area. A one block long climb is on the historic brick street named Snake Alley, dubbed "the crookedest street in the world." The 276 foot long Snake Alley has 5 switchbacks in a sixty foot climb. The average grade is 12.5 percent in that one block. If you still have energy left after all the climbing you did on Saturday you can head over the the Crit in Muscatine on Sunday. This race has been part of the Memorial weekend races for over 30 years. The course features a 1 mile circuit with a fast decent, sharp uphill gradient and two 90 degree top it off there is a speed bump at the bottom of the hill. Nothing better than screaming downhill at 30 and going airborne when you reach the bottom. Scary as hell, but everyone should try it at least once! Mondays race is another Crit in the Quad Cities. 2009 will be the 43rd straight year for this race. It is a flat, fast 3/4 mile hourglass shaped course just one block from the Mississippi River. Over 10,000 spectators come annually to cheer on the racers!

I’m exhausted just writing about all those hills. Seriously though, GOOD LUCK to all the Pink ladies that will be traveling to Eastern Iowa this weekend to race. Hope you all have ton’s of fun, can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thurs Night Wine Ride

Thurs night is our 2nd Wine Ride and it's supposed to be a beauty!! The plan is to meet at the Jasper Winery on George Flagg at 5:30. From there we will ride out the Great Western Trail to Cumming (approx 8 miles). We'll stop at the Cumming Tap (I believe they have a Thursday Taco Night out there) for some eats and drinks and then ride back to the Winery where we can enjoy music from their Summer Concert Series. Should be a good time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adel Steak Ride

Join us this Wed. for the first Steak Ride of the summer! We will meet at the Rendezvous Bar in Adel at 5:45. It is located at 909 Main Street. If you are driving out, there is a small parking lot in the rear or you can park on one of the side streets. Plan on riding a total of 20 miles. We will ride the trail from Adel out to Redfield and back. Just far enough to earn a great steak dinner and a beer!

Friday, May 1, 2009

CLINIC CANCELLED - rather... postponed...

Waterworks is, well, under water.

We really want to hold this great gig - but will need a, you know.. dry place to ride.

Watch for a new date asap!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Rocks!

Iowa City Road Race???


Kate Races Like A Girl!

Kate Clark enjoyed her first race on Thursday at Race Like A Girl!

Sounds like she had fun and represented Pink in fine fashion!

Congratulations Kate!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another "On-Bike' Clinic, May 2nd

Join us for another great "On-Bike" Clinic on Saturday, May 2nd at Waterworks Park.

The agenda will be a little different this time - recognizing many folks did the intro to group riding in April.

We'll start again, at 9:00am. Meet at the shelter on the large loop of Waterworks.

From 9:00 - 10:00 we'll be offering 3 choices of mini-workshops.

1. Learn to group ride - for those that missed the first one or need a refresher. You'll learn the dynamics of safe group riding.

2. Bike maintenance basics. Here you'll learn some basic bike maintenance that will help you keep your sweet ride running smoothly and some techniques to help you get home when you have a mechanical emergency.

3. Group Riding 201. For those who've had the introduction and want more.

10:00 - 11:00AM - 2 options: group riding practice - we'll ride around Waterworks, practicing the basics of group riding, the double pace-line and echelon.

11:00 - 12:00 we'll head out on an easy road ride to practice what we just learned!

12:00 - lunch at the Jasper Winery!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bike Safety Rally This Wednesday

Calling All Pink!
This Wednesday was supposed to be our first scheduled Steak Ride of the season, but we are instead urging everyone to join forces and attend the Bike Safety Rally starting at Rasmussen Bike Shop at 5:30 on Wednesday evening. See below from Ken Sherman:
On Saturday morning, April 11, fellow cyclist Doug Smith was recklessly run down by a motorist near Winterset Iowa. Doug suffered serious life threatening injuries and is recovering at Methodist hospital. The cycling community of Iowa is outraged by incidents like this which unfortunately are occurring on a much more frequent basis.

If your life has ever been touched by all the good that comes from riding a bike, we invite you to ride with us on the bike ride of your life! We are riding to proclaim to fellow Iowans that bicyclists are living breathing human beings, just like your father, mother and sons and daughters. We want everyone to understand that riding a bike on shared public highways is not a privilege but a right that has been supported and endorsed by Iowa law for years.
Join us on this Silent Ride and encourage law enforcement officials across the state to fully enforce the current Iowa motor vehicle code and ask that our state legislatures pass Senate file 117, protecting the rights and safety of cyclists. Come together, with a single voice, to encourage city and county attorneys to fully investigate bicycle/motor vehicle accidents and to hold those responsible accountable under the full extent of the law.

Please join us on Wednesday April 15 for the bike ride of your life to the Iowa State Capital departing promptly at 5:30 PM from 301 Grand.
Ken, who is helping to organize this rally, was also hit on his bike by a motorist only 6 weeks ago. The time has come for us all to take action and be heard. We need to do what we can to insure our safety and the safety of those we love on the streets and roads of our state.
Please come, wear your pink and show your support for the Bike Safety Bill. Pass the word... make a difference!!
Kim Hopkins
In case you missed the news story about Doug's accident, here's the link:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect April Weather for Bike Clinic

Great weather, lots of women cyclists, good food and wine what else could you ask for!!

We had a fantastic turnout for our first bike clinic this last Saturday. Over 30 women came out to learn new riding techniques from our 3 bike experts (Dave Mable, Brian Duffy and Jim White). Dave and company explained the rules and guidelines for double pace lines and learning to ride in an echelon. After explanations the women hit the road around Waterworks park. You could see the improvements after every circuit around the park.

We rode the Great Western trail after the clinic for a short ride before turning our sights to Jasper Winery. 25 women literally overran the winery for samples of wine before picking their favorite wine of choice. We topped the wine off with some excellent pizza from Orlando's.

I, for one, had a great time meeting so many women eager to ride and enjoy company with other women. It should be quite the fun summer!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Intro To Group Riding Clinic Set For Saturday!

To date, 20 people have 'registered' for the clinic scheduled for this Saturday. That is awesome! It's kind of where it all began... as it was an early April Saturday when a dozen ladies with bikes showed up for an informal clinic to learn to ride/race on the road - and here we are, in our 3rd year with 3 women's teams in DSM, a women's Cat 4 division in the major races around the state, over 50 members of the Bike World/All9Yards Women's Cycling Team... and a little wine and cheese to boot!

This weekend's clinic will again be led by Dave Mable - who's got over 25 years of road racing experience, triathlon racing, mountain bike racing... and a little BMX! (shhhh - don't tell anyone that part!!!). We'll start at the shelter at the big loop of Waterworks - and we'll have some off the bike instruction, followed by some practice in the sheltered environment of WW - after 11, we'll head out on the road for a short road ride to Maffit and back, followed by lunch at the Jasper Winery, enjoying some pizza from Orlando's!

Besides Dave, Jim White (Mr., Jim Logan and Brian Duffy have been invited to help guide/teach/help - and there will be some sweet swag from the team's various sponsors!

If you are interested in attending - please RSVP to

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What A Night!

Ladies Night Out seemed to be a success on all fronts - not only was Forrest and the gang at Bike World all happy with 120+ visitors to the new store, but we had a blast hanging out, drinking wine, enjoying the expo, checking out the new bikes from Trek and Gary Fisher (some of us even RODE em!), and maybe even just meeting new faces and making new friends! What a blast!

It also seemed to be a good stumping opportunity for some of our sponsors:
Jen Main was seen passing out Massage Heights coupons, Dr. Molstre had a crowd at his "Essential Nutrition For The Athlete" workshop, Jim White passed out info and dates of his Tripipeline triathlon training clinics and we all got to enjoy the new Trek Madone Project One designs!

We'd like to welcome a bunch of new members too, it looks like it's gunna be a fun summer of riding, training, racing, steak rides, morning rides, mountain bike rides.... you get the idea! With so many of us - there's no excuse to ride alone! Send a shout out on the google group, and see who you can round up for a ride! And don't forget the ride clinic/ride/lunch @Orlondo's on the 11th at Waterworks!

See you on the bike!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ladies Night Out, April 1st - this ain't no joke!

Join us as we host Ladies Night Out at Bike World on Douglas on Wednesday, April 1st!

Lyndsay Bradly, the Trek WSD Factory Rep, will be in Des Moines all afternoon offering test rides on Trek and Gary Fisher Women's Specific Design bikes! If you ever wondered what a super-light full carbon 16lb bike that fits felt like.... now's your chance! (or a sweet full suspension plush ride mtn bike!!) :)

Throughout the afternoon, we'll also be offering mini clinics on subjects like; roadside repair, nutrition and the athete, how to juggle your training with the family/work, Proper fit on a bicycle, Training programs to fit your schedule...

Clinics will be offered by: Dr. Tyler Molstre, Dave Ertle, Dave Mable, Jim White and more! Watch the Bike World blog for details and schedule of clinics.

Later in the evening, the real fun begins! From 7-9pm, come with all your lady friends for a wine and cheese gala, featuring wine from the Jasper Winery, a functional fashion show, a presentation by WSD Rep, Lyndsay Bradly, and information on the IOWA (Iowa Outdoor Women's Association) - and the chance to meet up with lots of great women who enjoy bicycling!

In addition to all that - we'll have information and representatives from events, races and organizations around the state so you can plan your year! For instance - the Flatland Multisport Series, Honey Creek Fall Cycling Festival, IOWA, Iowa Bicycle Coalition, MS 150, Greendays Criterium, Elkhart TT Series, RAGBRAI Charter.... and more!

This will be a great event - and we hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Pink Clothing Available!

Hurray! It's working! After you order - check this blog out:

Show your colors this spring and summer in the latest in pink! Tri-gear is now avialable and the prices are right! Custom team tops only $47 and the matching tri-shorts are only 49!

With this deal, the manufacturer has made custom long sleeved jerseys available as well - and for only $57!

We'll be placing another armwarmer order too - so clickity-click click!

To order, scroll down the right hand side of this here blog.

And, remember, the Honey Creek Fall Cycling Festival is only 8 months away!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Gravel

We had a great gravel ride today from Lang's through Booneville and on to unknown territories. It was an invigorating 21 degrees outside, but the sun was shining and 15 or 16 people showed up to defy the lingering winter, including 7 women. Julie Sedore had a shiny new mountain bike-well, it was shiny when we started, and Julie Goodman made it out for her first gravel ride with the group.

The ride was uneventful through Booneville and everyone warmed up quickly. The roads were in great shape, as promised by Lang--guaranteed or he agreed to hand wash all of the bikes. Most of it was freshly graded and dry, but in addition to the expected hazards of ice, snow, and melting slop, parts of the route were heaped with new gravel. Being a newbie I followed the advice of not leaning too heavily over the front wheel (Lang) and to hang on loosely to the handlebars to let the bike guide a path through the gravel (old advice from Karras), and I managed to stay upright. The ride was cut short slightly when plans for riding the B road didn’t go as planned. Deep and rutted mud is even harder (and messier) to ride on than sand, I hear. (See pic below.)

The whole ride would have been lovely and perfect, except that Dee got a flat tire and a quick fix of air from the pit crew didn’t last long enough. We won’t even mention here how many times the tire had previously been patched, including just yesterday. Dee was a rock star though and kept riding on a completely flat tire and stayed ahead of me back to the Waveland Bar in Booneville. (I had a fabulous picture of the flat tire ride, but can’t seem to get it off my cell phone. None of the 20 or so USB-like cords we have laying around the house will fit my phone, but you can probably visualize the ride-slightly slow motion with Chariots of Fire playing in the background. FYI-If you’re ever stranded in Booneville with few funds, the bar has $1 draws.

Dee and I were thinking even with our combined tire changing skills, there weren’t enough hours left in the day to consider changing it. Kristin Reese was kind enough to venture back and pick us up. Thank you Kristin for the sag ride. Thank you Lang and everyone for your navigating skills and waiting at the corners for us. Thank you Duffy and Kim and Dee for coming back to pull me in after I dropped off, to down a Goo. (That cold air just burned through all my energy.) Most especially, thank you to Linda for hosting the sweaty, muddy bikers with delicious hot chocolate and cookies when the ride was over. It was a tough decision to leave my warm house for a cold ride, but so worth it in the end.

Muddy B road (Note: this picture is actually from Google images and is a road in Cambodia, but the real road looked a lot like this-only wetter.)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Training

The conditions were not ideal on Sat for riding but a few of us brave souls ventured out anyway. Kim, Caroline, Hanna, Bruce and I attempted to ride the snowmobile trails up at Big Creek. It didn't take us long to discover the trails were covered in ice. Hanna and Caroline were cold and decided riding into Polk City to get a beer was a better idea than sliding down the hill. The rest of us were hopeful that there would be less ice farther down the trail. We were wrong. We rode on for a little while but there were patches of slick ice everywhere. We each had our turn falling, Bruce and I landed hard on the ice while Kim was lucky enough to fall in a mud puddle....dirtier, but softer. After about an hour or so we gave up and joined Caroline and Hanna for a beer. Even though we didn't get much riding in, it was still fun hanging out with the girls....and Bruce.

Sunday was better. Kim and I were able to hook up with Duffy, Lang and a few other boys. It was a tough, hilly ride but the weather was perfect, the gravel was in wonderful shape and the wind wasn't nearly as bad as it had been on Saturday. Lang had a great route mapped out for us. The highlight of the ride was a level B, low maintenance road. My legs instantly felt like lead riding in the soft mud, and to my excitement, I discovered I also had to climb two nice hills before the little off roading adventure was over. The first one wasn't too bad, but my lungs were screaming on the second. It was fantastic.....those who know me well, know how much I love hills ;o) Seriously though, it was a great workout and I'm hoping more of the girls will come out next week and experience the pain for themselves. Same time same place.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabin Fever

As I sit here looking out the window at the snow and ice on the ground, I can't help dreaming of the warmer days ahead. I'm hoping a couple more weeks will get the hardy bikers back out on the road. Until then here's a nice shot of a group of pink ladies who snuck out last week when the weather was cooperating with a 50 degree day and no wind.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time to order new kits

While the look will remain the same - there will some additions to this years sweet pink and black kits. New sponsors will be finalized very soon - and to date we've lined up:

Bike World has lined up Trek with some sweet deals on the Project One program. Trek still offeres the traditional Project One program where you can pick out your frame, component group, wheels and paint scheme and colors (flames, stripes, lightning, fighter jet ect) - but new this year is the ability to choose bar tape, saddle color, housing color and even tire color. In addition to all that, you can pick some sweet HED carbon deep dish wheels with complimentary colors to match your new bike - cool!

Bike World is also offering discounts to members

Additionally, these folks are helping out. Be sure and support them and send your friends to them as well!
Toyota Of Des Moines
TriPipeline Coaching (Jim White)
Massage Heights
Des Moines Financial
True Life Chiropractic
Two Rivers Bank
Schnieder Auto Service
R-Jones Auto
Jasper Winery
The Cumming Tap
Rendezvous Restaurant, Adel

And media sponsor:

Order your short sleeved jersey, sleevless jersey, long sleeved jersey and shorts by using the paypal things on the lower right. Scroll down below the schedule. The order buttons are BELOW the labels - I couldn't get the buttons right below the labels for some reason, so there's a bit of distance between the label and the button - just make sure to double check your order before you submit!

The shorts, short sleeved jersey and sleevelss jersey are available. Just order the XL, but email if you need the XXL. The long sleeved jersey only comes in a men's cut. For a description of sizing click here.

Please place your order by 2.6.09. If you want to get Dalena a check and not do paypal, contact her at Two Rivers Bank in West Des Moines. (515-223-3500)

If you had ordered a wool jersey and want to credit your $69 towards this years clothing just email and let Dave know. Or, Bike World has some sweet Sugoi wool jerseys that say Bike World on the front. They are $99 retail. If you want one of those, then email dave at with your requested size and he will check sizing for you. They are very soft, black and grey merino wool. Dave will get them for the same price you paid for the all9 ones last year.