Thursday, October 24, 2013

VeloRosa Sweeps 45+ at Night Cap Cyclocross

The annual battle under the lights took place at the Night Cap Cyclocross on a crisp fall evening.  The air was cold but the racing hot.  The added vibe was provided by fans, some three deep, cheering and jeering the riders along.  The course packs a lot of distance in a small patch of land behind Mullets.

When around 40 women take off in one bunch, it is quite a scene.  Nestled in the group was a contigent of pink racers including Ali, Michelle, Erika, Dee, Kim, and Joann.  The race spread out a bit and the real race was in the Master's 45+.  Lap after lap three ladies exchanged the lead.  Kim held it at the start but Dee and Joann were working to hunt her down.  Pretty soon it was clear that this category was a VeloRosa race.   These seasoned bike racers were putting on quite the show.  There was little time for plucking dollars or grabbing a chug of beer.   They put on quite a show in the multi-lap race.   In the end, Dee came out on top with Joann second and Kim third.  What a great showing for the pink racing gals.

In the 35+ race, Erika held on for fourth place.  She has been tearing up the courses this fall prior to a break to rest her body.  She came back with a full charge and showed it at this race.

Ali and Michelle took on the super large Cat 4 race.  Both ladies put down a superb effort and represented VeloRosa in fine fashion.

Even with all of these racers, the crowd contained tons of pink-clad teammates.  If there was one certainty on this night, VeloRosa is the premier women's biking team in Iowa.

Congrats to all that raced and cheered!

Your Roving Race Reporter,


The blog site is not allowing photos at this time.  Hopefully they can be added later!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink Gals Clean Up at the Iowa State Mountain Bike Championship

Wow!!! What a weekend of mountain bike racing for the VeloRosa Team. The woods were littered with pink jerseys burning rubber throughout the flowing trail. The Mullet is a premier race that caps off the Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series. This year is also served as the State Championship. The race kicked off with the marathon, 4-hour race. It was hard to tell if this was a race open to all bikers in Iowa or a Pink Gals race. Dee, a regular marathon racer, was joined by Angie, rocking the fat bike, Kristin, Ali, and Michelle. Dee took second and Michelle third but each lady rode repeat laps! Thanks to our mountain bike trainers Bruce and Kyle for honing everyone's skills so that they could put it down for this race. The Cat3 race featured newer pink racers Kari, Amy and Heather along with Deann, whom came out for her first race of the year. Kari and Amy were regulars at the team mountain bike training rides and showed off their collective confidence on the trail. Heather finished second with Kari coming in shortly thereafter capturing third. Kim took on a strong field in the Cat1 race. You may ask, 'What is the difference between Cat1 and 3? About three more times up those step, rutted hills that try to kill you in the last mile. Kim showed her strength by finishing strong and by always flashing the smile even while she is suffering. Joann, the leader in the IMBCS series Cat2, was challenged by one of the biggest field of the year. In addition to her main challenger for the year, Katherine, several newer faces from multiple states showed up to try to strip her from the podium. But do not fear, Joann rode her race and beat all of the challengers. The surprise of the race came when Lee put her big gal race shorts on and moved up from the comfort of Cat3 which had been her candy all year long. In her first Cat2 level race, she lost the main pack early but kept at it. She gradually started to pick off those in front of her. Lee's legendary hill climbing ability proved to be her ace-in-the-hole that lead her to a 30-second win over the third place racer. Joann and Lee also placed first and second, respectively, in the State Championship for Cat2. Watch out next year for both of these ladies to be tearing up the dirt!!! Wow! That has been a lot of dirt to cover for this mountain bike season. As much I would like to take some time off and only look at pints of beer, I guess I will be checking out the strange sport of cyclocross. Do these pink lady racers ever take time off? Cheers to all that race and bigger kudos to those that come out to cheer and support our rocking ladies! Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann (NOTE: I am having problems with getting this to format. I apologize for the run-on paragraph!)