Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Training

The conditions were not ideal on Sat for riding but a few of us brave souls ventured out anyway. Kim, Caroline, Hanna, Bruce and I attempted to ride the snowmobile trails up at Big Creek. It didn't take us long to discover the trails were covered in ice. Hanna and Caroline were cold and decided riding into Polk City to get a beer was a better idea than sliding down the hill. The rest of us were hopeful that there would be less ice farther down the trail. We were wrong. We rode on for a little while but there were patches of slick ice everywhere. We each had our turn falling, Bruce and I landed hard on the ice while Kim was lucky enough to fall in a mud puddle....dirtier, but softer. After about an hour or so we gave up and joined Caroline and Hanna for a beer. Even though we didn't get much riding in, it was still fun hanging out with the girls....and Bruce.

Sunday was better. Kim and I were able to hook up with Duffy, Lang and a few other boys. It was a tough, hilly ride but the weather was perfect, the gravel was in wonderful shape and the wind wasn't nearly as bad as it had been on Saturday. Lang had a great route mapped out for us. The highlight of the ride was a level B, low maintenance road. My legs instantly felt like lead riding in the soft mud, and to my excitement, I discovered I also had to climb two nice hills before the little off roading adventure was over. The first one wasn't too bad, but my lungs were screaming on the second. It was fantastic.....those who know me well, know how much I love hills ;o) Seriously though, it was a great workout and I'm hoping more of the girls will come out next week and experience the pain for themselves. Same time same place.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabin Fever

As I sit here looking out the window at the snow and ice on the ground, I can't help dreaming of the warmer days ahead. I'm hoping a couple more weeks will get the hardy bikers back out on the road. Until then here's a nice shot of a group of pink ladies who snuck out last week when the weather was cooperating with a 50 degree day and no wind.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time to order new kits

While the look will remain the same - there will some additions to this years sweet pink and black kits. New sponsors will be finalized very soon - and to date we've lined up:

Bike World has lined up Trek with some sweet deals on the Project One program. Trek still offeres the traditional Project One program where you can pick out your frame, component group, wheels and paint scheme and colors (flames, stripes, lightning, fighter jet ect) - but new this year is the ability to choose bar tape, saddle color, housing color and even tire color. In addition to all that, you can pick some sweet HED carbon deep dish wheels with complimentary colors to match your new bike - cool!

Bike World is also offering discounts to members

Additionally, these folks are helping out. Be sure and support them and send your friends to them as well!
Toyota Of Des Moines
TriPipeline Coaching (Jim White)
Massage Heights
Des Moines Financial
True Life Chiropractic
Two Rivers Bank
Schnieder Auto Service
R-Jones Auto
Jasper Winery
The Cumming Tap
Rendezvous Restaurant, Adel

And media sponsor:

Order your short sleeved jersey, sleevless jersey, long sleeved jersey and shorts by using the paypal things on the lower right. Scroll down below the schedule. The order buttons are BELOW the labels - I couldn't get the buttons right below the labels for some reason, so there's a bit of distance between the label and the button - just make sure to double check your order before you submit!

The shorts, short sleeved jersey and sleevelss jersey are available. Just order the XL, but email if you need the XXL. The long sleeved jersey only comes in a men's cut. For a description of sizing click here.

Please place your order by 2.6.09. If you want to get Dalena a check and not do paypal, contact her at Two Rivers Bank in West Des Moines. (515-223-3500)

If you had ordered a wool jersey and want to credit your $69 towards this years clothing just email and let Dave know. Or, Bike World has some sweet Sugoi wool jerseys that say Bike World on the front. They are $99 retail. If you want one of those, then email dave at with your requested size and he will check sizing for you. They are very soft, black and grey merino wool. Dave will get them for the same price you paid for the all9 ones last year.