Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Training

The conditions were not ideal on Sat for riding but a few of us brave souls ventured out anyway. Kim, Caroline, Hanna, Bruce and I attempted to ride the snowmobile trails up at Big Creek. It didn't take us long to discover the trails were covered in ice. Hanna and Caroline were cold and decided riding into Polk City to get a beer was a better idea than sliding down the hill. The rest of us were hopeful that there would be less ice farther down the trail. We were wrong. We rode on for a little while but there were patches of slick ice everywhere. We each had our turn falling, Bruce and I landed hard on the ice while Kim was lucky enough to fall in a mud puddle....dirtier, but softer. After about an hour or so we gave up and joined Caroline and Hanna for a beer. Even though we didn't get much riding in, it was still fun hanging out with the girls....and Bruce.

Sunday was better. Kim and I were able to hook up with Duffy, Lang and a few other boys. It was a tough, hilly ride but the weather was perfect, the gravel was in wonderful shape and the wind wasn't nearly as bad as it had been on Saturday. Lang had a great route mapped out for us. The highlight of the ride was a level B, low maintenance road. My legs instantly felt like lead riding in the soft mud, and to my excitement, I discovered I also had to climb two nice hills before the little off roading adventure was over. The first one wasn't too bad, but my lungs were screaming on the second. It was fantastic.....those who know me well, know how much I love hills ;o) Seriously though, it was a great workout and I'm hoping more of the girls will come out next week and experience the pain for themselves. Same time same place.


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