Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hey all of you biking folk out there, local to Iowa biking phenom is coming to Des Moines to share her insight and experiences. Amanda Miller hails from Mt Union and rode local to Des Moines during her time in JUCO. She ended up biking for Colorado State University and in 2008 she made the podium at the Collegiate Mountain Bike Championship and Cyclocross Championships. This past summer she won the St. Francis Tulsa Tough, a road race.

Miller, 24, just completed her first pro season in which she raced in Europe as well as the U.S. She is looking toward a run to make the Olympic team in 2016; 2012 if she gains the requisite experience. She is something of a jack-of-all trades as she races road, 'cross and mountain.

Racing for HUDZ-Subaru, she rocked the Jingle Cross Rock race in Iowa City this past Thanksgiving weekend. She placed third on Friday in the UCI C2 category and beat the nearest competitor by 30 seconds in the Saturday race in a time of 34:40 for 12.3 km. The Sunday race was category UCI C1, the best of the best. She covered the 17.5 km in 44:24 for an average speed of 23.65 through a very muddy, slick and steep course. She beat out her coach Meredith Miller (no relation) by almost 40 seconds. It was an awesome race to watch.

She recently signed with a top women's team HTC-Columbia and will be competing against the world has to offer.

Come out and listen to what this world-class athlete has to say on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 7 p.m. at Des Moines University Clinic. Enter on the East side, park in the garage and head to the lobby.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Spooky Pink Weekend It Was

The Pink ladies were out in full force to ride and to cheer on each other during the Spooky Cross races at Living History Farms.

The team took on steep climbs, roller coaster like down hills, mud pits and obstacles galore! Pink tutus, boas, sock and hats abounded around the Farm.

The results will be posted later; for now, enjoy the photos.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dirty Du--Running and Riding Through the Woods

Saturday morning showed a bit of rain before clearing off and allowing the Dirty Du to take place.

Lauren raced in the open women's division tackling the course in the solo division. She rocked the run, quickly turned her novice mountain biking skills into veteran form.

Kim and Mary R teamed up on the relay with Mary running and jumping the creek while Kim showed her mastery of both the Hillside and Roller Coaster segments. Our team was the first all female team to cross the line in a close race.

Elaine popped into town to help run the races and then was the running leg of a relay team.

Once again pink stood out in the heavily wooded, urban biking oasis behind the Art Center.

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One of the tags for Mullet's night cyclocross race was "to put something fun between your legs" for this first-time event. VeloRosa women showed up in mass to do just that. Both spectators and racers spent the night cheering and racing.

Cyclocross is a rather unique event in and of itself. Take what is usually a wide open course, make it compact and put it under the lights. Then overload the races, add a band and wash it all down with plenty of adult beverages and you have one rocking evening. This truly was an awesome party.

The pink and black kits really stood out under the lights as the ladies showed up to race. Several cross first timers including Julie H and Lee took to the night race like, well bikers to the road. Rumor has it that Lee wiped out once, pulled a dollar bill from Squirrel and drank 3 beers while riding with an assist from non-riding teammate Sam. Several other riders also collected dollar bills as part of the fun-filled evening.

VeloRosa placed well in several categories. If you have been thinking about racing, come out and join the fun on both Saturday and Sunday over Halloween weekend at Living History Farms.

Kate raced hard in the women's Cat 4 before her bike betrayed her sending her to the sidelines. In the W45+ Melinda, Lee, Julie G and Julie Hfinished 4th, 5th 6th and 7th respectively.

Thanks to all teammates and friends that showed up to support the racing efforts!

Your Roving, Racing Reporter,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VeloRosa IS Moutain Biking

Wow! Pink showed up in full force to ride Mullett's Mountain Bike race this past Sunday. After many hesitant emails, the ladies showed up, bucked up and rode as individuals. This is a show of the gumption that this team has shown; taking the challenge head on.

Big CONGRATS to Joann for taking her category in her very first mountain bike race. Joann has really branched out this fall racing both cyclocross and now mountain bike racing. Joining in for the first time also were Angie, DeAnn, Jane and Julie H.

VeloRosa Finishers:

Sport Women
Joann 1st
Elaine 6th

Beginner Women
DeAnn 3rd
Angie 5th
Julie S 8th
Julie G 9th
Julie H 10th
Jane 11th

Dave Mable 4rd Marathon Solo Men

Dee and Kim 3rd Tag Team Marathon and first all woman team.

Kim West and Sue Cook 1st Place Tandem

Yes Kim and Sue have taken the tandem to new and interesting places like this mountain bike race and cyclocross. It is great to see such teamwork flowing along with nary a heated word between them. It could be because they are both gasping for breath. Anyway, it is great to see them streaking by!

Your roving race reporter,

Thanks to Karolyn for the great photos!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pedal, Mud, Stump, Hill, Pedal, Jump, Carry...Repeat

Wow! VeloRosa women rocked the Dirty Wooden Shoe and Altoona cyclocross races on Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3. These were hilly and challenging races. There may have been a near mountain with a barrier about 1/3 of the way up in Pella. Ah ha, you ask "So what?" The what is this: ride your bike at full speed, start to swing your right leg over the seat while still moving, unclip your left cleat and hop off at a run. Don't take a breath here because you are just getting started. Hoist up your bike and run over the 18" barrier or two and run, either carrying or pushing you bike, up the rest of that big hill. Whew! But not done yet because while still running hop on to your seat and pedal off hoping that your cleats clip in before the next hole, 180 degree turn or heckler offers you a beer.

The rest of the ride has sand, mud, grass, rolling hills, steep down hills and more 180 degree turns. Do this for 45 minutes non-stop while chasing down the gal in front of you. Don't forget to watch for Kim E.(Iowa City) or Lisa V. (PRC) whom may be passing you like you are not moving at all. And while your mouth is bone dry attempt to grab your water bottle, drink and put it back before any other above hazards come at you like a freight train.........again.

That makes me tired just writing about it. This is what our crazy, challenge-loving teammates were up to this last weekend. The good thing about cross is that you can ride at your own pace. Yes, some folks like our newest teammate Loren are busting it up at break-neck speeds that have lead her to first places in the Cat 4 races or you can be more social by heckling the heckler or saying hi to a cheering teammate all while trying to enjoy the fun that around minute 35 seems like torture.

Congrats to all of the VeloRosa racers list below. Remember that everyone who rides is a winner.

Julie G..6th..W45+

Julie G..5th..W45+

Your roving and hopefully someday a big enough bike to ride with these fine ladies roving reporter,


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain and Mud Make it Cyclocross

It was a wild racing weekend in Des Moines the past few days.

For those not familiar with Cyclocross, it is described as "a bike race mixed with steeplechase. In cyclocross, riders race laps around a short course that usually features some pavement, some dirt, some woods, some steep hills and for good measure, some obstacles thrown in that require riders to dismount, work their way through and then get back on and ride some more." (David Fiedler @ David's Bicycling Blog)

Saturday's race was held in a steady rain. While to some this would seem to be very poor conditions but the rain did a good job of washing away the mud that would have accumulated and affected racing. Kim H took the women's 45+ race's top spot. Kate also raced through the slop with a strong showing with a bronze medal performance. Julie gutted out another fun day chatting and racing well.

Sunday turned out to be a gloriously sunny fall day. The ground was sloppy but no rain was falling. What was not foreseen was the mud that would accumulate making it nearly impossible to even push your bike up the inclines. Many a women surrendered trying to ride up the hill to try and push, drag and/or curse that heavy bike along. Yes, even a carbon bike is very heavy when coated in mud. The best this roving reporter could offer was a cold beer on the back stretch hill.

Julie G joined the fray donning her unique green helmet along with Kim and Melinda. Jule finished 5th, Melinda 6th and Kim 3rd in the very competitive 45+. Dave joined in the muddy fun and took 2nd in his 45+ race.

Check out MOMENTUM or for a list of upcoming races.

Your roving, muddy race reporter,


Chequamegon 40 Photos

Follow the fun with these great photos. Thanks to everyone from whom I pilfered these!

Dee asking Kim "Did you really just say THAT?"

Kim racing.

Right: Proof that Karolyn and Kim finished!

Your roving race reporter,


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chequamegon 40 Race

Karolyn on route.

This is a 40 mile ride that starts innocently enough on a paved road but you had better enjoy the short journey as it heads off on the real path. Many of the latter roads are logging roads with active traffic. If you have ever had a VW Bug scare you while on your bike on a road in DM, try a fully loaded logging truck!

This is what 9-time racers Dee and Dave on the tandem along with first-timers Kim, Karolyn and Julie G faced on a beautiful fall day as they attacked the 40-mile course. While it can be deceptively beautiful the challenge should not be understated.

Or may be teammate Kim H put described it as only one whom road it can do:
"At the start gun 1700 riders rolled elbow-to-elbow past the cheers of the crowd lining the town of Hayward through Rosies's Field and onto the Berkie Ski Trail. Racers were treated to beautiful forest trails, breathtaking lake views, fast gravel forest roads, excruciating climbs, more cheering crowds, sweeping descents, giant mud puddles and even a band of heckling pirates bearing rum shots. The race finished 40 miles later at the Telemark Ski Lodge in Cable, WI." It has been stated that while in the 35-38 mile range many riders are thinking, "I will never do this again IF I manage to finish this." However, shortly after completing, the celebration with friends made it safe to plan to ride it again next year.
In the photo: Karolyn, Kim, Dee, Maria, Julie, Sally and Heather

The website for this race contains this course warning: "PLEASE NOTE: This map is intended for general directional purpose only and not detailed enough to use for orienteering in the woods. Always take along a compass, detailed maps and plenty of fluids when riding in the deep woods. The courses are off-road and on a variety of unmaintained trails. Riding hazards exist and extreme caution should be exercised when riding in the woods."

Warnings aside, the VeloRosa ladies and our favorite bike guy, Dave, conquered this challenge.

See the following blog for lots of pictures from this event!

Your roving race reporter,