Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pedal, Mud, Stump, Hill, Pedal, Jump, Carry...Repeat

Wow! VeloRosa women rocked the Dirty Wooden Shoe and Altoona cyclocross races on Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3. These were hilly and challenging races. There may have been a near mountain with a barrier about 1/3 of the way up in Pella. Ah ha, you ask "So what?" The what is this: ride your bike at full speed, start to swing your right leg over the seat while still moving, unclip your left cleat and hop off at a run. Don't take a breath here because you are just getting started. Hoist up your bike and run over the 18" barrier or two and run, either carrying or pushing you bike, up the rest of that big hill. Whew! But not done yet because while still running hop on to your seat and pedal off hoping that your cleats clip in before the next hole, 180 degree turn or heckler offers you a beer.

The rest of the ride has sand, mud, grass, rolling hills, steep down hills and more 180 degree turns. Do this for 45 minutes non-stop while chasing down the gal in front of you. Don't forget to watch for Kim E.(Iowa City) or Lisa V. (PRC) whom may be passing you like you are not moving at all. And while your mouth is bone dry attempt to grab your water bottle, drink and put it back before any other above hazards come at you like a freight train.........again.

That makes me tired just writing about it. This is what our crazy, challenge-loving teammates were up to this last weekend. The good thing about cross is that you can ride at your own pace. Yes, some folks like our newest teammate Loren are busting it up at break-neck speeds that have lead her to first places in the Cat 4 races or you can be more social by heckling the heckler or saying hi to a cheering teammate all while trying to enjoy the fun that around minute 35 seems like torture.

Congrats to all of the VeloRosa racers list below. Remember that everyone who rides is a winner.

Julie G..6th..W45+

Julie G..5th..W45+

Your roving and hopefully someday a big enough bike to ride with these fine ladies roving reporter,


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