Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VeloRosa IS Moutain Biking

Wow! Pink showed up in full force to ride Mullett's Mountain Bike race this past Sunday. After many hesitant emails, the ladies showed up, bucked up and rode as individuals. This is a show of the gumption that this team has shown; taking the challenge head on.

Big CONGRATS to Joann for taking her category in her very first mountain bike race. Joann has really branched out this fall racing both cyclocross and now mountain bike racing. Joining in for the first time also were Angie, DeAnn, Jane and Julie H.

VeloRosa Finishers:

Sport Women
Joann 1st
Elaine 6th

Beginner Women
DeAnn 3rd
Angie 5th
Julie S 8th
Julie G 9th
Julie H 10th
Jane 11th

Dave Mable 4rd Marathon Solo Men

Dee and Kim 3rd Tag Team Marathon and first all woman team.

Kim West and Sue Cook 1st Place Tandem

Yes Kim and Sue have taken the tandem to new and interesting places like this mountain bike race and cyclocross. It is great to see such teamwork flowing along with nary a heated word between them. It could be because they are both gasping for breath. Anyway, it is great to see them streaking by!

Your roving race reporter,

Thanks to Karolyn for the great photos!

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Julie said...

Gotta give proper credit, this is the results from Jed's email,Notice Angie got 4th and starting with Julie S, we Pink ladies got 7th thru 10th, not 8th thru 11th, WAY TO GO PINK!!

CAT 3 Beginner Women:
1st Sara Broek = 48:10
2nd Mary Adams = 50:01
3rd DeAnn Wiltse
4rd Angie Boyens = 53:55
5th Corrine Wyma = 54:00
6th Heather Myer-Davis = 58:56
7th Julie Sedore = 59:56
8th Julie Goodman = 1:02:39
9th Julie D. Hoffman = 1:06:40
10th Jane Colligan = 1:07:54
11th Sandy Dunivan = 1:16:10
12th Deana Kerschen = 1:18:17
13th Parady Boatwright = 1:22