Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain and Mud Make it Cyclocross

It was a wild racing weekend in Des Moines the past few days.

For those not familiar with Cyclocross, it is described as "a bike race mixed with steeplechase. In cyclocross, riders race laps around a short course that usually features some pavement, some dirt, some woods, some steep hills and for good measure, some obstacles thrown in that require riders to dismount, work their way through and then get back on and ride some more." (David Fiedler @ David's Bicycling Blog)

Saturday's race was held in a steady rain. While to some this would seem to be very poor conditions but the rain did a good job of washing away the mud that would have accumulated and affected racing. Kim H took the women's 45+ race's top spot. Kate also raced through the slop with a strong showing with a bronze medal performance. Julie gutted out another fun day chatting and racing well.

Sunday turned out to be a gloriously sunny fall day. The ground was sloppy but no rain was falling. What was not foreseen was the mud that would accumulate making it nearly impossible to even push your bike up the inclines. Many a women surrendered trying to ride up the hill to try and push, drag and/or curse that heavy bike along. Yes, even a carbon bike is very heavy when coated in mud. The best this roving reporter could offer was a cold beer on the back stretch hill.

Julie G joined the fray donning her unique green helmet along with Kim and Melinda. Jule finished 5th, Melinda 6th and Kim 3rd in the very competitive 45+. Dave joined in the muddy fun and took 2nd in his 45+ race.

Check out MOMENTUM or for a list of upcoming races.

Your roving, muddy race reporter,


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