Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pink Gals Stomp Snus Hill Winery

Julie and Robin rode over to the annual wine stomping at Snus Hill Winery in late August to try their feet at making wine. Snus Hill is located in Madrid and each fall it allows wine aficionados and crazy bike chicks to stomp grapes and play winery games.

Julie was the best at bobbing for a water balloon, running it to a chair and then using her bike-toned buns to smash it. She put down more than anyone else in the one minute contest. Her teammates always suspected that she was multi-talented. Now that is a proven fact.

Robin's miles of biking, drinking and dancing paid off as Robin was voted the most energetic grape smoosher.

Once again, Team VeloRosa shows that a biking team is only as good as it is at having fun. And those team kits look outstanding off the bike.

Your roving (once again) bike reporter,


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