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May 21st, 2009

When Kristin asked if anyone would be willing to write about the Wine Ride last Thursday night, I jumped at the chance to give the opinion, from a “newbies” point of view! AMAZINGLY-AWESOME, are still the emotions I’m living high off of TODAY!

I’ve been riding for only 2 years, this being the start of my 3rd season. I joined the All 9 Yards team, because of my love for cycling and my want to advance my riding skills. Not to mention, the opportunity to be able to meet new women with like minds! After last Thursday nights ride, I realize that I’m gaining all that, and SO much more!

My friend Kristin Hjelmeland, (also new!), and I arrived a bit early, feeling a bit intimidated. This was our first group ride other than riding with friends, and doing the hand full of events that we’ve ridden in, such as the Livestrong Ride, Mayors Ride, and the Iron Girl Duathlon, which we’ve competed in the last several years. But this was to become our first ride with our new team members! And we were STOKED!

We started out in the back of the pack, wanting to be able to take everything in, and not sure that we’d be able to keep up, we didn’t want to be in the way. The gals riding back there with us were so kind! They really took the time to get to know us, made us feel welcome, and part of the team. This kindness only continued! Once we arrived in Cummings, everyone introduced themselves over a cold beverage. It was the perfect evening for sitting on the patio, and enjoying some sun, while we talked about our families, eating and dieting tips, riding and training techniques, and sharing some much needed laughter! (Those Fat Tires were great! Thanks Kim and Maria!)

On the way back, Kristin and I feeling a bit more brave, took to the front of the pack! I know to a lot of you this really isn’t something to want to write about, or brag about…but it was, to me, for sure, one of the highlights of any of my riding! I’ve never ridden in a double pace line, wasn’t even sure how it was done! Or if I could! But the gals up there with us were so extremely patient! It was like being mentored! I learned a lot on that ride back, including the potential I now know I have as a female cyclist! I have no doubt with the help of all of you wonderful women, I can take my cycling to any lengths I may want.
And then arriving back at the Jasper Winery. Let me just say, any intimidation that I felt in the beginning, was gone! The empowerment and strength I felt riding up with all those spectators turning to check us out! WOW! I can’t express the pride I felt! To be a part of this team made up of such emotionally and physically strong women! Thank you, to everyone on that ride! And to everyone that I will consider it to be my pleasure, to meet in the future! I can’t wait for the opportunity to ride with you all again!

And to any of you that might be holding back from going on a group ride, what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT! You’ll have the time of your life!!

Brenda Schwartztrauber

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Julie said...

Yippee...hope to join you all next time!