Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour of the Mississippi River Valley

It was a great weekend to be on a bike. KPav, Karolyn and I went on the TOMRV ride this past Saturday and Sunday. For anyone who doesn't know TOMRV starts in Bettendorf, Iowa travels along the river valley and crosses into Illinois and up to Dubuque, Iowa Saturday night for 106 hilly miles. Then we got up Sunday and did the return trip on the Iowa side for about 89 more fun filled miles. We lucked out and missed the rain and had a great time meeting tons of other bikers and enjoying the great scenery. By the time you get back to Bettendorf you have climbed and very quickly descended a lot of hills. We were flying down some so fast I was glad I didn't have anything on my bike to tell me how fast I was going.

I also have to say our pink kits and pink bikes were quite a hit. We had people constantly complimenting us on the sweet pink colors!!

Yes the butt was majorly sore along with my legs Sunday night, but I for one am ready to do it again next year. It's a beautiful ride with great sag support, good food and plenty of interesting people to talk to.


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