Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kim, Joann go 1-2 at Oakley Night Cap Cross

Congrats to Kim and Joann
for placing first and second, respectively in the W45+ section at Mullet's. Kim took off like a shot and held enough of a lead to tempt Joann to chase her down but never let her quite catch up. The race was grueling at times with a long off camber climb, a tough, steep downhill with a shape turn and barriers and plenty of twists and turns. The Pink Gals showed up in fine fashion showing off the superb pink and black kits under the lights. The VeloRosa kits was the most commented on by the
spectators!! In the Cat 4 race Ali took 5th and Sara took 8th in a race that was packed with young, talented racers. In the W35+ Karolyn took 5th, Lee 7th and Jen V 9th. Julie G took 6th in the 45+. What an awesome night with black skies, rocking music, crazy fans and great fun. There were plenty of VeloRosa riders cheering on teammates and handing up beers. All it was a hot pink night!

Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

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