Monday, June 4, 2012

Allison Wins Age Group at Bluff Creek Tri

Big Congrats to newcomer Allison L for winning the Athena division of the Bluff Creek Sprint Tri.  Not only was she the first woman in her category she was the sixth finisher in the Athena/Clydesdale division (25 total).  What does that mean?  It means she smoked a ton of guys as well as all of the women in that section.

With her continued developement as a bike racer, her times will only improve!

In the long distance race, Aryn  continued her prowess by placing third overall and first in her age group..  Aryn has been a force to be reconned with in all of the tris which she has entered this year.   Congrats Aryn!

Kim B also raced the long course and finished sixth overall and second in her age group.  This was a very strong showing for Kim.

Congrats to Allison, Aryn and Kim for making the Pink Ladies proud!!

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