Monday, August 23, 2010

VeloRosa's Big Creek Road Race

Saturday brought hot and sticky weather along with outstanding racing at VeloRosa's BCRR. The pink ladies showed up to help the event go off without a hitch! Many thanks to the following ladies (and one really cool guy):

Anne Lynam, Amy Lynch and Joann Schmidt helped to ensure a smooth and quick registration. Not one race was delayed due to a slow registration table.

Amy Lynch, Kim Hopkins, Julie Goodman, Lori Vandrzyl, Michelle Lange, Melinda Peppers, Laura Majure, DeAnn Wiltse and DaLena Elliott (wo)maned the corners to keep the cars away as the bikes rode past. It may seem like a simple job, but after being there for hours, it can get fatiguing.

Joe and Erika passed the driving test and were the pace vehicle drivers.

They say it take a village to raise a child, I say it takes a whole pink team to run a very successful race.

Your very absent roving reporter,


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Fall From Fear said...

Thanks to Natalie Schrader for helping to coordinate the race and sweeping all of the corners that morning and Brenda Kriens who once again helped corner marshall for our great race. I missed everyone, but heard it was an awesome day. Thanks for all your hard work team!!!