Sunday, August 8, 2010


VeloRosa's own Dee Mable took her bike and her metal to West Branch on Saturday to race in the Iowa State Road Race Championship. The 54-mile, 2-lap race was a test of strategy as well as stamina. The first lap was rather uneventful as the pack stayed tight. That all changed with about 5 miles left. Cara Hamann with the Iowa City Cycling Club charged away from the pack. Dee accepted the challenge and took her wheel. They worked together through the remaining miles. Dee plotted her strategy and made an aggressive move near the end. She was able to beat Cara to the line to take home first place.

This win puts Dee a bit further ahead in the 2010 Iowa Cup Point Race. Dee is expressed excitement at being able to come home for the next point race--VeloRosa's Big Creek Road Race on August 21. The final race in the series is the East Village Crit on August 22.

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