Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink Conquers Pigman 1/2 Iron Man; Takes Medal

You may be asking, why would bikers want to challenge themselves to racing in the August heat through 1.92k swim, 90.13k bike and then run 21.08k? Because VeloRosa, despite the name, is more than a bike chick group. The Pink Ladies take on all challenges.

Newer to the team, Jen Veak, greeted veteran, Kristen Reece, in the transition area after a few weeks of friendly email banter. She showed exceptional intelligence in looking for the pink jersey and made quick ID of Kristen. They waited out a fog delay prior to the start.

Jen's recent work in the open water paid off in this, her second, 1/2 Iron Man. Quickly putting that behind her, she hopped on her bike to whip through the miles that faced her. The headwind took quite a bit out of her but she completed and transitioned to the run.

By this time, it was starting to get to be typical August, nasty hot. She may have pondered not doing the run, but she again ran across Kristen and the ladies encouraged each other to keep at it.

Kristen competing in her second Pigman rocked the strong gals division whipping the competition. Her time in the pool and refined biking strengths, allowed her to shave of over 13 minutes from last year's race despite the incredible heat of the run. This PR time brought home the gold.
As of this time, no photos were available to help to document this fine feat. Congrats to both Jen and Kristen on the great effort and fine performances.

Your only-dreaming-of-a-1/2 Iron Man, roving reporter,


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