Monday, August 9, 2010

Sam Tackles Big Creek

VeloRosa's Sam Bolen veered off the bike trail and jumped into Big Creek for this past weekend's Tri! The Olympic distances in the swim and run were shortened. However, for any true biker like Sam, that was no problem. Although it is rumored that if you want your Olympic distance Tri to be cut short, have Sam enter!

According to Sam's hubby Jon, she still swam the full 1.5k due to some sighting issues and a strong desire to help bring in the buoys. In true VeloRosa fashion she went above and beyond the call when competing. She transitioned quickly and rocked out the bike course. The 5k run was possibly the best part when her two pacers joined her (see photo).

Finally the sign we all like to see FINISH was welcome in the heat and humidity of the Iowa summer. Congrats Sam! Job well done.

Your hopping (not roving) race reporter,


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