Friday, May 18, 2012

Pink Rules Water Works Circuit Race

Eight ladies showed up at Water Works park for the circuit race last Saturday.  This was an outstanding showing for the open Cat race.  This put all racers on the route at the same time.  

The ladies in pink road a strong race.  Kim, Lee and Megan took turns out front helping to protect Dee.  Lisa and Ali hung close in the pack and picked up the flow of the pack.  Ali and  Abby rounded out the showing.

Loren and Leah had a photo finish with Dee right on their rear wheel taking third.  Megan took fourth.  Newcomer Lisa (Carp) finished fifth in her first race. Kim and Ali finished seventh and eight, respectively.  Erika took 11th and Abby 15th.   This strong showing allowed VeloRosa to win the Team title for this race.

Congrats to all of the ladies but especially to those first time racers.   Welcome to the game.

Abby and Ali post race with team beer

Listening to the directions

Kim worked hard all race

Megan charges for the line

Pink dominates the final results

Tha is a lot of pink!

Pre-race strategy

Your Roving Race Reporter,


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