Friday, May 11, 2012

Lee Places at Iowa City Crit

Lee literally bounced back from Saturday's crash and put her training to good use to break away from a group of three to take fifth and bring home some cash for her efforts.

The course starts with a sharp downhill into the 90 degree right turn, a two-block sprint the next corner where the sharp right turn heads you right back up the steep hill.  This is a get-out-of-the-saddle and leave it all out there type of hill.  There is no mercy; no rest; no crest.  You need to clear the top of it by three or four bike lengths in order to carry any momentum into the next several blocks of sharp right and left turns. In true European fashion there are even some cobblestones.

Recent team practices have focused on keeping a good line with the other riders and picking your time to burn the last matches.  Lee worked the last several laps in a seated spin up the hill while her competitors labored out of the saddle.  On the final lap she stood up with 30% to go on the hill and heeded Steve Robinson's advice to sprint through and carry it to the end.   But wait right there:  this is grab-a-wheel Lee not take-the-front-of-the-pack Dee.   Was she crazy?  Well, rumor has it she was just that.   Lee bolted and then rode it like she stole it.   With fellow teammate Aryn screaming at the end, Lee brought it home without letting up.  It could have been the head whack from the day before!  Either way, she brought home the money for the fifth place finish.

Finally Lee raced her own race and reaped the reward.   So for any others that are considering racing or wondering if there is any place other than last to finish the race, take a look around.  Keep praciticing what coach Dave is teaching and you, too, can bring home the money!!!

Your Roving Race Reporter (that is looking for new, cool sweet pink helmet),


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