Friday, May 18, 2012

Lee and Sarah Win at Race Like a Girl

It was a bike smackdown at Union Park on a beautiful Thursday evening.  Incase you had not noticed, there is a lot of pink showing up at races.  Racers, fans, a tent.  Yeppers! 
As if  the awesome kits were not enough to distiguish the VeloRosa team, Carp has provided a pink tent.   This team is going pro!!!  On this night, it came with a cooler of beer.   Many thanks to Joann (and the team) for making sure everyone was refreshed throughout the evening.

Race Like a Girl is a series of races that take place one time a month.  Yes, they let the boys race also.  For the women there are two categories:  A and B.  There are three races for each category.  The first race is a regular race where everyone starts and everyone races until the first person crosses and line and wins.  (Think basic race format).  Then there is a points race where on given laps points are awarded for the first few racers.  This turns the race into several mini sprints for the line within the overall race.  The final race starts as a pack and on each lap the last two or three racers are pulled out of the race.  When there are four racers left, the bell is rung.  Then it is one lap with the first one across the line is the winner.

Sarah got the group going by winning the B points race.  Heather raced strong and took second.  Ali came in third making it a clean sweep for VeloRosa.   In the first race, Lee took third in the A race.  She looked strong at the finish against some strong racers.

Lee finished the night with her first victory as she bested the field in the pulled out race.  Ali finished fourth after lending Lee a wheel as the Pink Gals worked to best rival DMOS teammates.  To say that Lee was excited was an understatement.  She has proven that you can go from dead last for most races to finally winning one.

There were lots of fans also out to watch.  Thanks to Anne and Joann for volunteering.  Karolyn and Deann for cheering.  Dave, well for all that he does. Also to Elise for cheering for all of the ladies.

So if you have been thinking about racing, come out next month and give it a whirl.  It is one of the best nights of racing that Des Moines has to offer.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


It is not a race unless there are fans!

Dave tried to sneak in by wearing Pink!

The pink fork matches the jersey!

Start of the A race

Elise is squeezed in by bikes for the ride home

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