Friday, May 11, 2012

Erika 2nd at Old Cap RR

The biking world said, 'Welcome, Erika, you are now a racer!'. BIG congrats to her as she took second in the Old Capitol Road Race near Iowa City last weekend. The hills were a killer but she held on to finish strongly.

Condolences to Lee whom hit the pavement after her wheel was taken out by a sliding fellow racer. But her head was harder than the pavement and she was able to be back on the road the next day. lee's advice: 'Good thing I packed an extra helmet.'

Dee took on a strong Cat 1-3 field that had racers from Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. When the best travel that far, you know it is race time. Dee was 10th in a field that was over 20 ladies deep.

Next races are this Saturday at Water Works and Sunday at the state fairgrounds.

Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

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