Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Newest Members Take 3rd & 4th

Pink pride has been claimed by two of our newest members as Ali Y and Sara B took third and fourth, respectively, at
the second gravel race of the Iowa Spring Classic Series at Colfax.

With Spring winds making the long hill climb almost unbearable, the race officials shortened the race by one lap, much to the surprise of both Ali and Sara. Ali had one more surge left in her and was positioning to take the lead on the final lap but had to settle for third. She will have to wait for the final race at Grinnell in two weeks to show what she can bring to the table.

Our finest coach, Dave, raced in the top twenty but more impressive was his drive to ride his bike to the race, do the race and ride back to Des Moines.
Dave is currently prepping for the Trans-Iowa race where he will attempt to ride across the state (330 miles) near the end of April.

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Picture credits to Julie G and Dave M

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