Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Classic Gravel Race at Hills

Mother nature must be on vacation as she failed to pull out the typically cold, blustery, sometime snowy, weather for this opening round of the 2012 road race series! Not that anyone complained. The bikers took to the gravel near Iowa City for a test of guts and gumption.

The nice weather pulled some of the top riders out of the woodwork for this early test. The women's race was all open category (meaning the beginners raced with the experts). But VeloRosa was not put off by this. Kim H hung on strongly with the leaders to take 4th in what was one of the fastest races for this venue in the last several years. Joann S worked with Kim and then continued the chase to take 8th and Megan K followed up with an 11th place showing.

What a great showing for the first race of the season.

On the Men's side, Jason S took 14th in the 4/5 race. He continues to develop into a fine racer as he enters his second season after a late start in 2011. Tobin B suffered deflated expectations when his tire went flat at the sound of the starter gun. Coincidence or was the gun loaded????

Looking forward to the results from the Colfax race this Saturday.

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