Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dee and Lee Tackle First Crit of the Season

So your roving race reporter is writing this from the, um, comfort of an ice bath. Why does THE reporter need an ice bath after a crit race? Hills...........long and steep, longer and challenging; short that will kill you for no apparent reason that your eyes can detect; and, sneaky ones that look flat. That is what you get at Kent Park even if you are just walking the course. Hills, hills and more hills; all of which go up, up and up.

"But don't they have to go back down?" you tentatively ask. Of course they do. And that is also a problem. Have you ever cleared a climb while riding where you crest and smile at the peaceful coast back down? Not at Kent Park.
It teases you by rocketing you down before the largest hills, into a tight right turn and then a quick rising grade. You had better tuck, lean and say a little prayer. If you use your brakes here, there will be no momentum to start this hill. Not that the same momentum will carry you far but every little bit helps. Can you tuck and lean at 38 mph?

Congrats goes out to our fearless duo of Lee and Dee
for rising early and hitting the hills. There may have only been two VeloRosians in the sea of Mercy blue (15 of them) but these gals really stood out. The almost envious glances at the staging said it all: THE NEW KITS ROCK!!!!! Several of other teams' riders looked over and then down almost with a sigh.

Well the race was a torture! Dave joined in the race also sporting the new kit jersey. The guys may not have been so in awe but they knew that they were in unique company. How many of those guys logged more than 130 miles that day as Dave rode HOME from the race via gravel.
When you talk VeloRosa you talk dedication.

Overall Dee took 5th and Lee 16th. All of the Cats are grouped together. No matter where they placed, they both are #1 in our pink hearts for courage to tackle
this event so early in the season. Now where is my Advil.............

Your Roving Race Reporter,


Photo credits to Dave M and Angy Snoop (Marion, IA)

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