Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink Takes Two of Top Three at CIRREM

Even though it has been a comparatively mild winter, it still has been plenty cold to be out riding on the gravel. Consider that an average ride is three hours. That commitment paid off as Joann Schmidt placed second followed by in Dee Mable third. This dynamic duo showed that hundreds of hours if bike time was well worth it.

As nature seems to have a great sense of humor, the promised 45 degree weather and dry gravel that was forecast turned out to be ice-covered gravel and below-freezing temps for the start. If you have never enjoyed the pleasure of riding gravel near The Cumming Tap, trust me the hill goes straight up at angles that more than challenges you. However the same steepness greets you on the way down. Add in ice and you have a lung-busting climb followed by a harrowing, luge-like decent......times 10. The good thing is that the other hills are less challenging in a funny sort of way.

Congrats to Joann and Dee for starting off the VeloRosa season in prime fashion!

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