Sunday, July 18, 2010


A hot and muggy morning greeted the participants at the Iowa Games race at Peterson Pits north of Ames. The Novice race was two laps of 5 miles each, for as accurate as a mountain bike distance can be measured.

The course had flat grassy areas that lured the riders into the view that it would be a relatively easy race. However, the great sand beach that appeared was just a preview of what the course actually entailed. The course held rolling hills, mud, bridges and jumps, a water hazard, heavily-rooted climbs and steep descents. Then back out into the blazing sun, a bit of gravel road and on to lap 2.

The overall women's winner is VeloRosa racer Julie S in 1:01:06. Julie is working on getting back into racing and proved her mettle in this race. She declined a post-race comment but had a great big smile. Lee came in second overall at 1:10;47 in just her second mountain bike race. She opined that sand is much softer to fall on than rocks and roots. Both of our ladies took home age group honors and scored Gold Medals!

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