Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dee Races Single Speed at RLG

Dee and Lee celebrate Lee's last race of the year with TEAM VELOROSA BEER!!!

It was a hot and muggy night................wait that is from a PEANUTS cartoon or something. But it was hot at RLG Thursday night. Once again as Lee was telling Dee how she was going to smoke her, Dee revealed she would be racing single gear. Lee gave up right there as HOW could she compete with THAT advantage. Dee turned in a stellar performance regardless of the limited capacity of her bike.

In the first race, the field still expected Dee to pull them along. The lead group broke away with Dee and Lee in the second pack. With the encouragement of Dave, Lee broke from her wheel and got in front of Dee to pull for part of the lap. According to Dee, "Lee pulled me back to the lead pack." With the domestique duties out of the way, Lee faded back wondering where she left her lungs. Lee did hang on to overtake another lady for the finish.

The second race was such that the winner of each of the 5 laps dropped out. Dee used her exceptional skills to lead the first lap and get out of the race. Lee raced hard but was not able to over the leader for the 5th place lap win.

Both of these fine VeloRosa ladies took the rest of the night off to sample VeloRosa Team beer and recruit. Lee failed in her recruitment pitch of, "We have a team beer", but the green ladies had fun listening to it. So no new recruits but an overall fun time.

Several other biking folks, including the soon to be newly-weds, did share in the fine beer and offered to help brew the next batch while Lee is recuperating.

Stay tuned for the next team bike night from WDM. Be safe on RAGBRAI!!!

Your roving bike reporter,


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