Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clear Lake Races

The weekend saw Dee Mable, Joann Schmidt and Lee Buell head north for a weekend of crit and road racing in Clear Lake. Saturday’s crit was full of action.
Racing in the Cat 4, Dee, Joann and Lee all took off strong. Dee took the lead of the pack and raced hard around the many turns and a strong head wind. Lee road off of Joann’s wheel and even took one turn at pulling, which was a major improvement for her. The mid-race highlight was a race for the Prem among three mid-pack ladies. Lee and Joann did an all out sprint for two blocks for the valued prize. Joann nipped Lee at the line by the width of a tire. In the meantime, Dee kept up at the front of the pack and finished strong with a 2nd place showing. Joann took 7th and Lee took 8th. The VeloRosa ladies did snag all of the Prems with Dee getting 2 and Joann 1.

Dee liked her strong performance and, with the egging-on of her beer-drinking teammates, took on the challenge of the course again for the Cat 1/2/3 race. She raced strong for the full 40 minutes but was unable to hold with the fastest lady around, Lisa V., who had just raced very well in the men’s race that preceded the women’s.

The team awoke to thunder and rain on Sunday. Dee and Joann embarked on the 42-mile road race along with our guy, Dave Mable. Dave rode well in his Master’s 40+ group for a 4th place finish. Dee and Joann led the pack for many of the 42 miles. Dee took second and Joann got flat out robbed. Lee drank some coffee and came to the finish line to cheer them on.

Overall it was a fun racing weekend with great music, food and a rocking fire including S’mores! Thanks to Joe for being our race crew and getting all of our bikes ready so we could concentrate on race tactics and bathroom runs!

Stay tuned for the next bike and beer night as the keg is not dead yet.

Luanne :)

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