Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tunnel Ride

Several of the ladies gathered for an evening of riding and took part in the Tunnel Ride. Beth enjoyed her first mountain biking ride as she joined Kim, Karolyn and Lee for a quick tour of Hillside. The mosquitoes won that battle and the ladies headed to the pool for a quick wash up (no one wants poison ivy rash for RAGBRAI) before continuing to Orlondo's. Laura and Angie were already there warming up for the ride to The Cumming Tap.

What an outstanding showing for the Iowa biking community. The grass lot overflowed with riders and beverages. Some awesome pizza slices were quickly devoured and then it was time to head south.

The team members split up at the first tunnel and the lean-to. Music blared, stories were shared and lots of laughter ensued. At last it was time to make haste and get on with the grueling ride to Cumming.

Everyone arrived safely at the Tap and enjoyed adult lemonades and cold barley and hops. The place oozed biking and friendliness. If you left the night with no fewer than 10 new friends, something was greatly amiss. The storm that blew in moved everyone inside but did not diminish the fun.

If you have not done a Cumming Tap ride, grab a teammate and get on it. It is a unique and thrilling adventure.

Stay tuned for news from next Wednesday's Steak Ride. Rumor has it that Dee may find her favorite beverage as she was literally locked out last time.

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