Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday and Monday Results - and a Cup of Iowa!

Sorry this is sooo late - but we drove home last night through the stormes that hammered through Iowa - and I wasn't about to sit down at the computer when I got home!

The Mellon City Bike Race was on Sunday and a large field of Cat 4 Women toed the line - 30 in all - the largest Cat 4 Women's race this year in the state. Dee, Kim, Kristin P. and Lindsey were joined by Kristin Reese, who just couldn't stay away for the whole weekend!!!

The race started fast and furious - and the fast pace took it's toll on the field. The field of 30 was paired down after about 4 laps to a lead group of about 14 or 15 and then small groups of 4 or 5, and some solo riders trying to bridge the gaps.

Dee and Kim made the front group, which was driven by Kelli Menti, Lindsey Koren (winner of Snake Alley), Ana Nelson among others. Lindsey was tucked into the 2nd group, along with Maria Rutenburg, Kristin Pavlovich was stuck in no-man's land between this group and the next, which included Kristin Reese.

At this point -all the groups settled into strong tempos, either trying to bridge to the next group, or, in the case of the front group, position themselves for the win.

With about 3 laps to go, Kelli made a strong attack, helped along by Lindsey Koren (of Indiana). Sarah Huang - a 12 year old phenom - made the cut as the trio flew down the back side hill. Dee got caught in front, as Ana and Emily, who both had excelent races at the Snake, made an attack, trying to round out the top 5 from Iowa and steal some Iowa Cup points from Dee. Kim came around Dee, lending her wheel, and draft, pulling her back up to Ana and Emily. About this time, 3 other riders, including Kris Maraves of Waukee, attacked the group, bridging to the front 3. This made a group of 6 with 2 laps to go. Lindsey and Kelli continued to ride strong, resulting in shattering the front group, leaving Kris, Ginger Sides and Anna Loney to fend for themselves to the line.

On the last lap, Ana and Emily lead down the back stretch, nearly catching the next rider, Anna Loney, at the bottom, Dee attacked this group of about 8, charging up the hill.

In the mean time, Kelli, Lindsey and Sarah sprinted for the line - with Lindsey winning, followed by Kellin and then Sarah. (did I mention that Sarah Huang is 12?! WOW! Amazing!! - remember that name in the 2012 Olympics!!)

Meanwhile, back on the hill, Dee was leading the group up up up to the top, around the last corner and into the downhill straight, 200 yards to go - with Ana and Emily stuck firmly to her wheel. What looked like a sure PRC 1-2 punch was thwarted by pure guts and determination as Dee rounded the corner, downshifted and hammered it home to the line - taking pack sprint for 7th place - and five precious Iowa Cup points, placing her in the lead by one point over Kelli Menti.

Kim Hopkins charged from the group, throwing her bike at the line to move up one more spot to finish in 11th, having ridden a strong ride in support of Dee. Lindsey Hiem finished in 15th, just ahead of Maria Rutenburg - who also rode strongly all weekend - Kristin Pavlovich and Kristin Reese both soloed home to finish in 21st and 24th respectively.

Rock Island Criterium

Not much of an editorial for this, as Dee and Dave broke the tandem out to begin thier official Leadville Training on Monday (so I didn't actually get to see this race...) but Kristin Pavlovich and Lindsey Heim both toed the line on the pool-table flat, 8 corner course in downtown Rock Island. Lindsey had a strong race finishing 13th in the 26 rider field and Kristin smiled her way to 20th.

Congratulations to one and all for fine performances throughout the entire weekend - I'm proud of all that you have ALL accomplished in this past year!!

While not everyone could make the trip to eastern Iowa this weekend - everyone DID play a role in the great results - from the great bikes and support from Forrest and Ben at Bike World, the shades from Oakley, the testing from Jenny and Zoom, the awesome group rides, the cheering from the hill on the snake, and even a warm cup of coffee from Zanzibars - the think that makes this group click is the common love of bicycling - and the universal support that is exhuded from all and to all - has the power to lift everyone to reach for thier best!

I'll post some pics here as soon as possible - in the mean time - watch for some fun group rides being scheduled soon, and a "learn to ride in a group" session by Dave in the upcoming weeks.

Peace - Dave

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