Friday, May 23, 2008

School is in session!!!

Dee vs Punk
David vs Goliath

The Little Engine That Could!

"Scotty, 'Imposible' is NOT in our vocabulary."
"iye-iye cap'n."

The Wapello to Mediapolis Road race was held tonight - in 56 degree temps - and a strong east-northeast wind - The course, one climb 2 miles after the start, and another with about 5 to go - went into the wind for 7 miles, turned south for 10 miles, then west for the final, tail-wind aided, 7 miles to the finish on the outskirts of Mediapolis.

Dee was the only girl in pink to ride this evening - against 3 punk rockers - Kelli, Kris and Kristin Galleger. Certaily prc had 3 of their strongest cat 4s at the line.... vs Dee.

Due to the small field size (they were the only women to race today) they were combined with the Masters race to make a field of about 20. Shortly after the start -it was agreed upon between the women to not ride with the Masters Men - so the 4 of them worked together in a smooth rotation as they headed east, then south. Dee sensed some strategizing as the prc girls would be chatting behind her as they worked through the rotation... and about this, she was correct.

As the turn back west - and into the tailwind - neared, the prc girls made sure to stick Dee on the front through the corner - "I just heard 'click, click click' and I knew I was in trouble." Dee said. Just as she predicted - Boom! Boom! Kelli and Kris took off in full sprint around her and off they went. Dee put her head down, with Kristin comfortably in tow - and went into full chase mode. "I could see them looking back every now and again - and I pulled them a bit closer, then fell off a bit, then would pull a little closer - all the while, they would look back to see if I was closing in." After about 5 min of hard chasing, Dee realized that they were pulling slowly away and that all she was doing was giving Kristin a free ride. She sat up, pulled over and gave Kristin the lead - which she took - for a bit. Dee took a rest, then back to the front - and Kristin never came around again for the next 5 miles. With 1k to go - Dee, still sitting on the front, decided it was now or never and dropped it down into her 12 and took off - Kristin tried, but failed to come around as the line neared - giving Dee a very respectable 3rd place finish.

Kelli won, with Kris close behind - Dee 3rd and Kristin 4th. Congratulations Dee - your tenacity and "Never Say Die" attitude - You are an inspiration to us all!!!

On the boys side - Jerome (Shrek - and hubby to Erin) came in 8th in the 4s race - and Herbie (our spin class hero instructor.... how shaved his head for todays race...???) came in 3rd in the 5s race - his first one! He had a great sprint - coming in more than a bike length ahead of 4th place! 2 guys were off the front in his race - and word has it that he did yomans labor to try and reel them in - and still took the sprint - A) I see more road racing for Herbie and B) I don't think he'll be a 5 for long!!!

Next up - Snake Alley Criterium - Representing Pink will be Kim Hopkins, Kristin Pavlovich, Lindsey Heim and Dee Mable - Go GIRLS!

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