Saturday, May 24, 2008

SSSsssssNake Bite!!

Kim Hopins, Kristin Pavlovich, Lindsey Heim and Dee Mable lined up with 20 other women in this morning's Cat 4 Snake Alley Criterium.

Snake Alley is, known as the 'Crookedest Street In The World' is a 7 switchback brick street that climbs the hight of a 10 story building in one short block - of course there is a one block climb right before entering the Snake - just to zap any momentum you might have had - yum.

After a pre-race lecture about safety and stuff by the race officials - the ladies were off - on the kaotic (get it - Kaos!?! - that was for Matt!) first lap - it is all about staying moving and not getting caught behind a miss-shift or crash. Of course - crashes on the Snake are in slow-mo, as riders are moving up the steep climb at 6-8mph. While the crashes may not be too painful, they are disruptive and will cause a dominoe effect on the riders caught behind.

Luckily all the pink riders made it to the top in one piece, and the race was on! The race spread out into a single file line and as the pack made it around to the Snake for the 2nd of 6 laps, the 20 racers stretched from top to bottom of the hill.

One girl from Wisconsin then hit the gas, breaking away on her own, leaving the rest to fight for 2nd. Dee found herself in about 10th with Kim close behind - then Kristin a couple places yet, then Lindsey rounding out the top 15. As the race wore on, Dee began picking off riders one by one, moving up a spot or two on each lap - with Kim and Kristin doing the same. Lindsey found her place in 15th!

On the last lap, Dee found herself alone in 5th place up the Snake for the last time - and that is where she would finish. Kim fought her way into the top 10, finishing 9th. Kristin duked it out with Maria Rutenburg, with Maria finishing in 11th and Kristin in 12th. Lindsey finished in 15th, not DFL - which made her proud!

From learning to ride in a group only one short year ago - None of these ladies would have imagined racing in this legendary race - much less finishing - and finishing well no less! Very - VERY impressive - for one and all!

After the 5th race in the Iowa Cup - the All9Yards Ladies still hold the lead. Kristin Reese holds the lead with 27 points and Dee close behind with 26. Three more races to go - Mellon City Critierium, May 25th; and the Clear Lake Road Race and Clear Lake Criterium the 2nd weekend in July.

Tomorrow - The Mellon City Criterium - and Kristin Reese made the drive from Des Moines to join in on the fun! Tune in tomorrow night to see what happened!

On the boys team - Herbie took on a large Cat 5 field of about 40 to finish 16th. Jerome moved up from a bad start in the 4s race to finish a very respectable 7th (I'm pretty sure). Dave Lippold had a great start in the Masters 40+ and finished in the top ten in a very strong field. Steve Robinson had a great race in the Cat 3 race to finish in the top 15. In the 1/2/Pro race - Lane had some trouble shifting on the Snake and couldn't make up for his horrible start and Jerod's busy week with his new baby and his start at the back conspired against him, and both guys were out by lap 10 of their 20 lap race.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Pink! You looked awesome and I look forward to seeing what is in store for Sunday! Keep up the momentum and we'll see how things shake out!!!

the mostly reverend said...

MELON city

nice racing pink team. where was matt?

Kristin and Bruce said...

Nice job girls! I had a fun weekend, thanks for all the support after my poor performance on Sunday. Bruce tells me it's the muscle between my ears not my legs that is giving me trouble... Ha ha! Can't wait to race with you all again.