Friday, May 23, 2008

Dualys, Tris and a weekend of racing!

Been a spell - but lot's goin' on!

Dee Mable ventured out to Cali. in early May to take on what is known as the toughest 1/2 Ironman in America - dang. She traveled with a motly group of tri-geeks - JJ, Zippy, BenG, Primeau and Krista B. On a hot day - and over a course that has as much up as anyone would care for - she finished her first ever 1/2 in a respectable 6:27:18. Congratulations to Dee!

This last weekend, Jana, Erin, AJ, and Jill traveled to Galena for the hilly Duathlon! Jana has been working very hard, having recently qualified for the World Duathlon Champs (In Italy in Sept) at the National Champs in April. Her work paid off in Galena as she won the Women's race, smiling all the way (well... maybe not ALL the way!!!). Jill, AJ and Erin rocked out too - Erin and AJ finishing in 4th and 6th in their age group, while a friend of thiers from Cedar Rapids (we'll have to get her in pink!), Amanda finished 3rd in their age group! Congratulations to all!

This weekend (Memorial Weekend) there will be blurs of pink at the races along the Mississippi River. Friday is a 24 mile road race from Wappello to Mediapolis. Saturday is the infamous Snake Alley Criterium - a legendary race. We'll be cheering as the women make 8 grueling laps up the crookedest street in the world! Yikes! Sunday is the Weed Park Criterium - a one mile circuit in a beatiful park overlooking Ol' Miss in Muscatine. The Snake and Weed Park are the 5th and 6th races in the 8 race Iowa Cup - which is lead by our own Kristin Reese, followed in 2nd place by Dee Mable.

If I have internet access this weekend - I'll be updating each evening. If you want live updates (pretty live anyway) go to and click on twitter - we'll be updating the racing throughout the day - for each day of racing.

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