Thursday, January 3, 2008

Trainer Rides

We all agreed that riding a trainer with friends is better than being secluded in your basement or garage plugged into your iPod, but it is still - well - riding your trainer!

Dee, Mariah and I rode for an hour last night, getting in some strong aerobic work via some longer intervals, followed by some single leg work and finally some shorter, stronger efforts.

While it is similar to the ever popular 'Spin Class' the advantages of riding on a trainer are many. First and formost - you are on your own bike, best to not loose that feel over the winter - even if it's only once a week. Every time on your bike, you become more and more 'as one'. Having a very natural feel on your bike will help you improve your handling skills. A good thing.

Secondly, you can customize your workout - you are not subject to whatever your spin instructor dreams up - whether good or bad. This time of year it is good to be developing an aerobic base and refining pedaling technique - not working on hard sprints or doing 'hovers' or 'standing jogs' - in what crit or TT do you 'hover'?

I'd encourage you to drag your bike and trainer over to the Center to ride with JW on Tuesdays and/or to the All9Yards office on Thursdays to ride with Dave - enjoy the company, enjoy the workout and bone up on those skills!

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