Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Expo in Des Moines March 15-16

Join the All9Yards Ladies at the Annual Bike World Expo on March 15 and 16th at the 7-Flaggs Event Center! We'll be there with answers to questions like:

I wanna race - where can I learn?
I don't wanna race, but I wanna get involved. Can I do that?
What are some of the great events this summer?
Can I see your cool LeMonds?
Can I buy a cool LeMond?
Can I join the ladies cycling movement?
When do you ride?
Can I join you on a ride if I'm not a member?
Can I be a member?
Can I buy a sweet pink jersey?
Where are the restrooms?
Is anyone going out for a beer tonight?

Look for our booth at the Expo - we offered to let the boys from All9Yards join us too - so look for the pink and green booth and stop by to say 'hello'!

PS - We're doing a presentation on ladies cycling too, watch the schedule!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're turning into a webmaster! Finally found out how to get "the dirt"! Like reading the latest. MWM

Anonymous said...

What kind of presentation are you doing.