Friday, December 28, 2007

Training For Spring Begins Now!

Last night was the first of our regular Thursday Night rides - and it was good. Always good to have a little company to help the minutes fly by! Kim and I enjoyed a workout from - the makers of training DVDs are kind enough to post a workout updated to the season - and now is a good time for base building and drills.

I pulled the Bike Bible off the shelf ('Bicycle Road Racing' by Eddy Borysewicz)to pull his early season plan out - and here it is in a nutshell - adapt as needed - his focus was simply cycling -so if yer into other stuff - substitute the short easy stuff for your running/skiing/swimming. The focus is base conditioning and strength building:

January - February Weekly Plan:
Sunday - Long ride with group (2+hours). Variety of hard efforts, mixed terrain
Monday- Recovery ride - short easy ride or recreation (x-training)
Tuesday - Climbing or Cyclocross through Feb - then speedwork
Upper body workout in evening
Wednesday - Long ride, same distance as Sunday, but easier pace and terrain
Thursday - Climbing or Cross - work hard
Friday - Dave's spin class.. or 2 hour easy ride in flats
Upper body workout in evening
Saturday - Short easy ride and light recreation (X-training)

I pulled this almost word for word - make it fit in your life.
Eddy B was the 1980s US Cycling coach - and coached a young Greg LeMond, Connie Carpenter (Oly Champ), Davis Phinny, Alexi Grewall (Oly Champ) and many many more. Really, One could say that he is the father of the modern cycling success here in the states. He trained the folks who are now training the folks who are winning stuff.

Good luck and happy riding!

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