Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Early Christmas!

Christmas came early for 7 lucky ladies at the bike shop as the beautiful LeMond Zurich's arrived at Bike World just in time for an Open House unveiling! Dee, Kim, Joann and Jenny were giddy with excitement as Kristin Reece's bike came to form before their eyes in the shop of the BW West store. What a treat to celebrate the bikes arrival in such good company during a wonderfully hosted Holiday Open House.

The place was packed with cyclists of every genre - from the athletes of Zoom Performance to DMCC riders, RAGBRAI riders, commuters, and many of the All9Yards boys team. Kim, looking the season in his red LS jersey with red and green cap and green All9Yards vest, played the part of Head Elf quite well! Lou, Troy, Piggy, and Kim had all just finished up a 2 hour ride to Booneville and were happy to enjoy the homemade treats straight from Laura Ridgways kitchen. Laura, who dove head-first into competitive cycling in the past few years, celebrated this year by tackling the daunting Paris Brest Paris - one of the coldest, wettest and windiest in history!

The evening was truely a delight - and thanks go out Forrest, Laura and all the gang at Bike World - thanks for the evening... and from the ladies - thanks for the early Christmas!

Peace - Dave

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