Thursday, May 16, 2013


Has the world tipped sideways?  Why? ask.  There seems to be a  Pink rider tearing up the mountain bike Cat 3 around here.  However,  looking back thought my files or posts or dreams it seems like Lee had been paying her dues on the pavement for the last three years.  She was well known for towing the line often, and, in the last year finding some mild success in the master's category.  But let's face it, she was still rather green.

Welcome to seems that she is coming into her own on the dirt.  A little recap shows that she has podiumed each of the four mountain bike races in which she entered.    Now the score is even at two and two (1st/2nd).

Last Saturday, Lee traveled past Omaha almost to Lincoln for the chance to throw it down with the best that Nebraska had to offer.   She admits racing thus far on a bit of fear and downright sultriness.  The course at Platte River is known for it technical features, rocky gardens and never ending climbs.   It challenges you on the way up only to spit you out,steeply down praying that your butt is far enough back to keep your chin on the back side of the handle bars.  It is a fine line between a death wish and the ultimate adrenalin rush.  I would not have taken Lee's calm demeanor to be hiding this fascinating gem.

But, alas, she has prove me wrong.  The race was billed the Platte River Battle Royale and Lee made it a Royale venture.  She tossed fear to wind and raced it like she stole it.  That Jamis has melded with her body to make one sweet racing machine.     With this combination she brought home a State Championship to VelRosa!!!

Kudos to Lee for this fine accomplishment.  It appears that all of the hard training and lack of beer drinking is paying off in big dividends.  It has been a rumor that she repeatedly turns down a cold beer during the week prior to the races.......I did not see that one coming!

Your (humbled) Roving Race Reporter,


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