Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dee Takes Water Works Crit; Aryn and Heather Place Top 5

Sunday was pink day at Water Works Crit.  There was so much VeloRosa gear on guys, gals and kids that I thought it was the annual party ride.  But in the early afternoon a bike race broke out.  The women in all categories raced together.  That pitted seasoned Cat 1,2,3 races against newer Cat 4 racers.   There was no forgiveness for the master's racer either; they also raced the top gals.

The pack rode together for several laps.  Heather, Dee and Aryn pulled the pack most of the way.  The other top finishers seemed content to just sit on a wheel and enjoy the pull.  That is the downside of tight crit racing.............some folks just sit and cruise.    A Prim lap was an attempt to break up the field and Dee was just edged out for that prize.  It would be the last thing she was edged out of on this glorious day.

You could tell when the pack came cheers were loud and encouraging.   The VeloRosa gals rode a little stronger with each rousing cheer.  Finally the pack came down to include Dee, Aryn and Heather along with three other gals.  As the bell sounded the intensity picked up and you could taste the excitement.

As they rounded the last curve and headed home, it was hard to tell which gal had the front.  Dee used a very hard charge to clear by a bike length to claim the victory followed by two Mercy Specialized racers.  Aryn was 4th and the 2nd Cat 4 racer followed directly by Heather.  After racing strong just off of the main pack, Erika held on to 10th.  Abby chose to skip the last lap and watch the exciting finish.

What an awesome showing of the racing prowess of Team VeloRosa.    The ladies came out to race and to cheer.  Many of the teammates showed up with their families as it was Mother's Day and this was what our teammate-Mothers wanted to do for their day.

Here are some of the photos of the fun:



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