Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pink Gals Make Successful Run in Nebraska's Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series

The Psycowpath mountain bike series took place at four venues in Nebraska this year. Our pink gals traveled over the state line and looked quite impressive. Kari in her first year racing in Cat 3 blew away the competition to win the series. She had two first place finishes out of the four races to tally the most points over all. It was impressive to watch Kari gain confidence with each race as she knocked out the competition. In the same series, Lee moved up to Cat 2 and had a great year. The transition from Cat 3 up to Cat 2 proved to be quite challenging. The first race was a lesson in how the next level races as far as course difficulty and length. Lee persevered to garner enough points to place second overall in Cat 2. Joann chose to do the four-hour, Marathon category races. Out of the two races she raced she garnered a first and a second place. This was enough points to finish 5th overall. Katherine and Zoe also traveled over for the first race in the series. Zoe won the junior division and finished second overall. Katherine took third in her Cat 2 race. This is a great showing for the VeloRosa mountain bikers! Your Roving Race Reporter, Luann

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